A ladder leans against a blue bookshelf in an Elsa-inspired Disney tiny home.
These Cool Tiny Homes Are Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Characters

Incorporating your love of Disney into your adult lifestyle is simpler than you may think. One of the ways to do this is by taking inspiration from your favorite Disney characters when decorating your home. In recent years, you've probably seen the tiny house movement happening, where people are moving into budget and eco-friendly smaller homes. Well, if Disney characters had tiny homes, you don't have to wonder what they'd look like anymore.

Thanks to Angie's List, you can now see what the homes of six different Disney characters would look like if they were inspired by the tiny house movement. For instance, Elsa might incorporate her iconic icy blue color into the design, and Woody might make his home look a cowboy's dream come true. According to Angie's List, the team re-watched Disney films, keeping their eyes peeled for clues into what each one of the Disney character's decorating choices would be.

Of course, you don't need another excuse to watch some of your favorite Disney movies, but watching with a design objective could give you a new perspective. So with all of that research done, Angie's List has come up with these six tiny homes that you can now admire and try to emulate in your own space if you're looking for a magical upgrade.

Woody's Tiny House
Angie's List

You know you've got a friend in Woody from Toy Story, but he's also your favorite deputy. As a cowboy, you would expect nothing less than him to have a cruelty-free antler chandelier and a hook on the wall for his cowboy hat. This Woody-inspired tiny home really takes on the Western style in a very modern and chic way.

Elsa's Tiny House
Angie's List

Elsa from Frozen would totally be into the tiny house movement. Instead of an ice castle, her small home might be something a little cozier where she can sing "Let It Go" as loud as her heart desires. This particular design incorporates Elsa's gorgeous icy blue color palette, and even has a chandelier that resembles a snowflake.

Merida's Tiny House
Angie's List

Merida is a fierce, independent woman who shot for her own hand in Brave. Naturally, she would jump on the tiny house movement and move into a place to call her own.

Merida doesn't need too many extra decorations, because she's spending most of her time outside in the wilderness. Though, the rustic-chic decor she does have nods to the things she loves most, like a painting that looks just like her horse, Angus.

Mulan's Tiny House
Angie's List

Mulan is an icon who basically saved all of China to save her dad and bring honor to her family. She deserves a home where she can finally kick back and relax. This tiny home would be the perfect place to do that in.

The aesthetic is simple, but it also perfectly encapsulates her Chinese heritage. The magnolia flowers are a nice touch as a reminder that "the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

Jack Skellington's Tiny House
Angie's List

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas would likely have a tiny home that's dimly-lit and very festive. Who would expect anything less from the Pumpkin King? The black colors fit into his aesthetic — but don't worry, everything is still lit from both a Christmas tree and jack-o'-lantern, because those are Jack's favorite holidays.

Belle's Enchanted Tiny House
Angie's List

There are books piled up all around Belle's tiny home, which makes perfect sense. The Beauty and the Beast princess would likely spend her days lounging on the cozy couch, reading her favorite stories in the sunshine. She even has a kitchen where she can make herself a cup of tea like Mrs. Potts used to, or invite a friend over to be her guest.