Trees and green grass surround a beautiful castle that's listed on Airbnb in France.
10 Castles You Can Stay At For A Bachelorette That's Like A Disney Movie

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Saying, "yes" to your fiancé/fiancée was just the first step in your happily ever after. Next comes the wedding planning, choosing the most stunning dress, and, of course, having an epic bachelorette party. While some brides might opt for a relaxing spa day or one night of fun, you'd like to channel your fairy tale fantasies and travel someplace magical. That's why it makes perfect sense to stay in one of the many castles on Airbnb for your bachelorette party.

Why would you stay in a regular suite when you could be living like a princess in a medieval tower? Airbnb has many unique stays out there to choose from, so of course they have a variety of castles. Just imagine making pancakes for breakfast with your bach crew while dancing to your favorite Disney songs. Then, you might spend the rest of the day relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine and having a regal photo shoot in the garden. It sounds almost too dreamy to be real — but it is.

Plus, most of these 10 fairy tale destinations are overseas, so you can finally dust off your passport and see someplace new with your favorite travel crew. All that's left now is to choose which castle is calling your name.

This Quaint Castle In Connecticut

If you want to stay in the states, this castle in Connecticut is absolutely perfect for your bachelorette crew. With three bedrooms, this cozy oasis will comfortably sleep four bridesmaids, plus you. Each room is also decorated to a different theme like the jungle or Romeo and Juliet to complete the aesthetic.

The San Giusto Abbey In Italy

You'll really feel like you're living in medieval times by staying at this castle in Italy. The tower apartment within the Abbey is perfect for your squad of four or less. It has four floors with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a terrace overlooking gorgeous views.

This Castle Gatehouse In England

Not many people can say they've spent the night in a gatehouse to a castle, and now, you can. From the outside, this beautiful castle gatehouse looks ancient, but on the inside, you'll experience modern living with beautiful furnishings and a bright kitchen. You can even bring your pup along for an additional fee, so your furry friend can pawty it up as well.

This Fairy Tale Chateau In France

If Beauty and the Beast is your favorite Disney film, you might want to choose this chateau in France for a bachelorette you won't forget. Wake up every morning singing "bonjour, bonjour" like you're a Belle strolling through town. Then, get cozy at night by the fireplace and sip some tea like Mrs. Potts made it for you.

This Dreamy Castle In Ireland

This castle in Ireland claims that you can "live like a king," and that's exactly what you plan on doing on your bachelorette getaway. You're all about that "treat yourself" lifestyle, and booking this private castle room will give you just that. In addition to the royal fun, take advantage of the medieval aesthetic by having as many Instagram photo shoots as your heart desires.

The Borgia Castle In Italy

This castle in Italy is great for a larger bachelorette party. With seven bedrooms, it comfortably sleeps up to 13 people. Relax by the beautiful swimming pool, and be sure to bring your tennis rackets for a round on the court. Since you'll be in Tuscany, you might as well go on a few wine tours, too, because wine not?

This Luxe Castle In Italy

This grand castle is perfect for a fairy tale-esque getaway. With a heated pool, you'll be able to dip your toes in the water (while rocking your cute white swimsuit) and channel Ariel from The Little Mermaid. According to the listing, there's even a thermal lake with hot springs you can enjoy.

This Massive Castle In France

You'll basically be able to invite the entire wedding party to stay with you and your beau at this massive castle in France. You'll have the home all to yourself, and it sleeps up to 15 people. There's even a pool on the grounds everyone can enjoy and snap pics on inflatables for the best bach Instas.

This Magical Castle In The UK

This castle in the UK looks like something straight out of a Disney movie. It may be your bachelorette party that you're planning now, but according to the listing, you can even have your wedding at this venue. It sleeps up to 46 people with 23 bedrooms, so there's no need to pick and choose who you want to invite.

This Medieval Castle In Italy

Escape to this castle in the Chianti region of Italy. You might want to take advantage of being in this stunning wine region by going on a few local wine tours. You can even toast to your upcoming nuptials with a bottle of your favorite bubbly while overlooking the unparalleled views of the area.

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