The Kind Of Puppy You Should Bring Into Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


We could all use a little puppy love in the New Year. From cuddling with cute corgis to hiking with a husky, dogs are truly the perfect companions for all the adventures to come. Sure, we might not all be dog people. I, myself, am a huge fan of napping with my new kitten. But, even the cat ladies among us will agree that nobody makes a better bestie than a perfect pup. You might be having trouble finding your new fluffy friend, so here's the kind of dog to get this year, based on your zodiac sign.

Like any relationship or dating scenario, you want to make sure you're compatible with your new cutie. If you love the outdoors, then something small might not be the way to go. If you're creative and want a pooch you can share all over social media, then you might the kind who has a little more personality. (Although, let's be honest, Instagram could always use more dogs.) Think of Grumpy Cat, Doug the Pug, or all those adorable hedgehogs who have more followers than we ever will.

Truth is, the year has just begun, and there should always be a little room in your budget for a pet. Pets are known to be great company, and add a lot of value to our lives. Whether you adopt a rescue from a shelter, or pick up a pup from a reliable breeder -- there are plenty of dogs out there waiting to be adored. Here's which one you should probably get, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Golden Retriever
grayseniors on Twitter

You're a leader, Aries. Having a dog who will match your confident and enthusiastic nature will be key.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dog. They're known to be incredibly loyal to their owners, friendly, and just the right amount of active. A pup like this will be perfect for you, Aries, because they will be able to keep up with your energy and add a new dynamic to your competitive, yet comfortable lifestyle.

Taurus: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
shainafishman on Twitter

Patience is a virtue, Taurus. Lucky for you, both you and this adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel know it.

You can be awfully stubborn, and don't like sudden changes very much. You despise when friends bail on plans, just because you always put in the time and effort.

A fluff like this will be the friend you've always wanted. This pooch will adapt to your lifestyle quickly, creating a smooth transition for your schedule -- and when you need a little extra love, this doggo will be sending a whole lot your way.

Gemini: Great Dane
petspasadenatx on Twitter

Despite it's size, Great Danes are actually incredibly gentle like you, Gemini. Life can sometimes make you very nervous, and you rely on your routines to bring some consistency to your life.

In social situations you thrive solely because, despite not being incredibly flexible, you're a great listener and adapt well. A Great Dane will certainly make a big impact on your life (I mean, look at this guy. Talk about making an entrance!), but in the best of ways. His heart is as big as his head, and you'll be happy to have something so sociable, yet reserved, by your side.

Cancer: Dachshund
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You've never been one to give up easy, Cancer. Like a Dachshund, you're incredibly stubborn and persuasive. With puppy eyes like that, are you really to blame? You're probably the one convincing your friends on a Friday night to go out, and the sympathetic listening ear when your girl just got ghosted.

A Weiner dog is, therefore, right in your wheelhouse. They have a clever side, but are compassionate, nonetheless. You and your new significant other will feel so incredibly in sync.

Leo: German Shepherd
delmoronta on Twitter

Life's a jungle, Leo. A Fire sign like you, deserves something just as... well, fire. You're the funny one in your bunch -- the leader of the pack, the ray of sunshine in the spotlight. A summer baby like you needs an active pup who will share your stage, but not overpower it.

A German Shepard will be the perfect complement to you. They say curiosity killed the cat, but when it comes to Shepherds and lions like you, there's not a situation not worth sniffing out. You'll love the obedient nature of your new dog. Oh boy, your crew is about to get a little bit cooler.

Virgo: Siberian Husky
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You work hard, Virgo. There's not a minute in your life that feels misunderstood, because you're constantly calculating the outcomes. You don't like leaving life up to chance, and so a Siberian Husky will be the alert animal you need.

With bold blue eyes, and the coat of a wolf, this dog is ready to face anything. At home, he'll be like a big teddy bear -- gentle as ever and ready for a supreme snuggle sesh at any moment's notice. But, don't be afraid to take your new buddy out in the wild. You love being surrounded by nature, and this husky won't hesitate when you want to go hiking.

Libra: French Bulldog
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Commonly called a Frenchie, this pup is incredibly easy going and bright like you! You love going with the flow of life, Libra. You get a lot of peace of mind out of social situations that feel in sync or harmonious.

A French Bulldog will be stubborn at times, but love you too much to ever hold a grudge. They love to play and get outdoors, but also find a lot of comfort in crashing on the couch.

Scorpio: Australian Shepherd
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You're passionate about what you do, Scorpio. So, an Australian Shepherd who shares this same kind of affection for life will be the one for you.

Life is all about expression to you. Whether it's your thoughts, emotions, or actions -- you leave it all on the table. Being so open makes you a great friend, and in return, you expect this same kind of ultimate trust and honesty from the people around you. Sometimes, however, they're not always willing to give it. Don't take it personally, Scorpio.

This Shepherd will be your trusty sidekick. They have a protective nature and the instinct to bring things together when they're falling apart. This dog will bring you stability and something to always trust.

Sagittarius: Border Collie
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You're a flight risk, Sagittarius. So, if we're being honest, something like a cat or a succulent might be better for you. You're constantly on the move, and rarely have the time to care for something else so deeply and routinely. But, if you're looking for a dog as daring as you, you can find a puppy pal in a Border Collie.

This pup will be the perfect match for making all those memories you have buzzing in your brain. A Border Collie is alert and energetic, and won't ever give up, much like you. You're chasing your dreams, Sag, and this dog will be running right beside you.

Capricorn: Corgi
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You're incredibly responsible, Capricorn. So, it wouldn't be a surprise is "dog owner" is already on your resume. But, if you're looking for a new member to add to your crew, a Corgi is the way to go.

You love family and tradition, Cap. You dream about one day having a big family, full of fur babies and real babies alike. A Corgi will be the greatest addition to your team. Being incredibly companionable and devoted, they love their tribe hard, too. You'll have a forever family in a fluff like this.

Aquarius: Pug
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You would hate for life to ever be boring, Aquarius, so a clever cuddle buddy like a pug would surely keep you on your toes. Pugs, like you, are one-of-a-kind. They are quite the characters with a wrinkled face and cinnamon bun tail. You'll love the charming, yet quiet personality of this kind of pup, and absolutely attract to the picture possibilities that comes with a face like that.

Pisces: Yorkshire Terrier
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You love your alone time, Pisces. So, getting a dog might seem like a hard "no" right now, but hear me out before you ban something so cute from your life.

Independence is important to you, but a little Yorkshire Terrier loves time to himself, too. This kind of dog is more bold than he is big, and will take all the love you are willing to give, and return it, too. Sure, life can be straight-up scary at times, but your new buddy will teach you that no matter what your size, with a little bit of confidence and self-love, you always stand a chance.