9 Fun Things You'd Only Want To Do On Galentine's Day With Your Person

You may have noticed the heart-shaped candy starting to fill up the stores, reminding us all that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. That also tells us that Galentine's Day on Feb. 13 is even sooner, and I literally can't even. It's the day we celebrate our lady friends, and how much we love them. So, leave bae at home, because this day is all about your person, aka your BFF. Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation — who founded this day — would totally spend it with her person, Ann Perkins, doing any number of these things to do on Galentine's Day.

Your person is the PB to your J, and just as Leslie thinks Ann is a "poetic, noble land-mermaid," you think the same of your best gal pal. You love her to the moon and back, so it makes perfect sense that you would want to dedicate an entire day to how much she means to you. Your Galentine's Day can be a fun-filled experience spent doing one or all of these nine bestie activities. Every other Galentine's and Valentine's Day better step up their game, because your BFF date will be something to be jealous of, and it's all for your person.

Host A Wine And Dine Party

You love your wine nights with your bestie, so for Galentine's Day, take it up a notch and make a yummy dinner together, too. Throw a cooking party and show off your chef skills on all of your favorite dishes. The best part will be drinking the wine, if you're 21 and up, and having fun with your number one.

Sing It Up At Karaoke

Karaoke is always a fun plan. Even if you're not a star singer, you can get up and sing a classic Spice Girls jam with your bestie by your side. No matter what song you decide to belt out, you know you'll slay it together.

Have An All-Things-Chocolate Baking Party

Everyone's sweet tooth cannot handle the amount of chocolatey goodness we see throughout the month of February. It's just begging for us to eat it all, which is why a chocolate-inspired dessert baking party with your person is the perfect thing to do on Galentine's Day. Try out several new Instagrammable recipes, and let the taste testing begin!

Treat Yourselves To A Spa Day

Make reservations at a local spa, or if you and your best friend are broke AF, host a spa day at home. Either way, you both deserve to treat yourselves to a manicure, pedicure, and whatever else your heart desires.

Amazon even has some pretty amazing deals on sheet masks that you and your bestie deserve. The adorable Instagram snaps with your masks on will be the cherry topping to your girls' day.

Have A Cozy Movie Night

You and your bestie have probably had a million movie nights together, but make it extra special for Galentine's Day. Pick a fun theme for your movies — whether that may be your favorite rom-coms or friendship movies. Don't forget the sweet treats and heart-shaped Jell-O shots.

Paint Your Own Plates

Heading to a paint-your-own pottery place always makes for great memories. You and your bestie can pick out something that will go perfectly in both of your kitchens, like mugs or vases. Forget friendship necklaces, you guys can have friendship mugs! Some places like Glaze Fire even allow you to BYO, so bring a bottle of rosé and show off your artistic abilities.

Eat Some Leslie Knope-Approved Waffles

Leslie Knope loves waffles just as much as she loves Ann, so you know if this was a Leslie Galentine's Day party there would be waffles involved. You and your bestie can either start your day off with a boozy brunch with waffles, or have breakfast for dinner. Either way, you can never go wrong with some waffles.

Have An Old-Fashioned Sleepover

Sometimes, it's fun just to take it back to the basics. That could mean a simple sleepover like you and your best friend used to do back in the day. Put on your PJs, watch your favorite movies, and dish about what's going on in your lives.

Have A DIY Gift Exchange

On Galentine's Day, gift your friend something truly special that you made just for her, or make a cool craft together the day of. Look to Leslie Knope for some unique ideas on DIY Galentine's Day gifts, like pillows with your friend's face on it and a newspaper headline from the day they were born, or go with something a little less extra.