9 Single Women Reveal The Most Amazingly Underrated Parts Of Being Single

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about couples, writing about couples, and scrolling through pages upon pages of stock photos of couples over bags of potato chips (for work, not like, for my own personal pleasure — just so we're all clear). Combine all of that with appreciation for romantic comedies and royal weddings, and it's easy to understand why I often find myself daydreaming about Prince Charming (or just, like, a guy who can take care of the spider living on my ceiling). Then I remember all of the best parts of being single — the infinite independence, beauty of sleeping diagonally across my bed, never having to pretend I enjoy watching men play video games ever (seriously, the hours of my life I lost watching my silly ex-boyfriends play Halo) — and I snap right the heck out of that fantasy.

Now, don't get me wrong, relationships can be great. It's awesome to share your life, snacks, and Netflix account with another person, especially — nay, only if that person treats you like an absolute queen. But there's also something great about investing all of your time in, well, yourself. A fact we all too easily seem to forget, particularly while scrolling through those adorable, cuddly stock images.

If you could also use a little reminder that being single is f*cking great, just take it from these single ladies. Here are nine great reasons to celebrate your single status in your 20s.

You've got sweet, sweet freedom.
I have absolute freedom. I can pick up and head to Egypt for the week, or move to a whole new country and continent, or stay out late with my girlfriends, and I never have to worry about how that might impact someone else's feelings.

—Emma, 24

You get to bond with your pals.
I'm closer with my friends! Not having an S.O. to lean on means I rely on my friends for emotional support and I also have more time to catch up and see my friends.

—Meghan*, 25

There's nothing (and no one) to hold you back.
When I'm single, I have nothing holding me back from what I want to do, where I want to go, or who I want to be. With no need to ever compromise, I can live and spend my time exactly how I want to.

—Holly*, 24

You can dance with as many strangers as you fancy.
I can dance with any guy when I go out! Flirtatious chatting is welcomed and I never feel guilty about having sexual chemistry with strangers.

—Leslie*, 25

Face masks are also among my favorite things about single.
Maybe this is weird, but I love having my nights to myself, especially week nights. It’s nice to just do nothing or, you know, 12 face masks in a row at the end of a day and not feel guilty about not spending time with my partner or FaceTiming them.

—Sydnee, 26

No shaving, no problem.
Not having to check in with someone every day is pretty nice. Oh, also not having to shave your legs! A+

—Ruby*, 24

You're completely independent (which is fabulous).
I think the best part of being single is just having so much independence. When you start a relationship or are deep in one, so much of your schedule and life is combined with theirs, and you can kind of forget to do things for you. But when I'm single, if I want to book an impromptu barre class, go shopping, go out and have a girls night, or just stay home and do nothing, I totally can. It’s fabulous.

—Laurie, 26

You can trust in the fact that the perfect person for you is, indeed, out there.
The potential for the perfect man is still out there. Being single means I haven't found ~The One~ yet, so that means the hunt is on. The hope that someone who is perfect for me is still alive and there's no non-perfect dude in my life to ruin that hope.

—Amber*, 25

You get to be selfish (in a great way).
When I'm in a relationship, I tend to pour a lot of myself into that other person. I'm always striving to ensure that they're happy, always trying to show an interest in the things they're interested in, bond with their family and friends, etc. But right now, being single, I get to put all of that energy into my own happiness, interests, and family and friends. I get to be selfish, which is really liberating.

—Elizabeth*, 25

As my mother so constantly reminds me, "Now is your time to be selfish." Now is the time, indeed.

*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.