An idea for BTS 2020 Halloween costumes is their "Dynamite" outfits.

These 5 BTS Costumes Are "Dynamite" For Your Halloween Look


If you ever need some fashion inspiration, BTS' RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are your go-to celebrities because they keep things fresh every comeback. In May 2018, they rocked dark clothing layered with harnesses for their "Fake Love" era, and when they returned with "Boy With Luv" in April 2019, they did a 180 by dressing entirely in hot pink. BTS' 2020 outfits are some of their most diverse ones yet, making them fun to try and replicate. If you're looking for BTS 2020 Halloween costumes, these five looks will surely turn heads.

Whether you want to (safely) do a group costume or go solo, BTS' looks are perfect for any occasion. As you can tell from their performances and concept photos, BTS often coordinates their clothing by color or style. This gives the guys the opportunity to add their personal touches to their outfits while still matching with the other members. With this in mind, you can alter any of these costume ideas however you like, depending on which member's style you prefer.

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1. "Black Swan"

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BTS launched into 2020 with their beautifully haunting track "Black Swan." To go along with the release, the group shared concept photos showing the members wearing huge black wings on their backs. Whenever they performed the track live, BTS also imitated black swans with their graceful and contemporary dance moves.

BTS' look during this era was iconic, and to recreate it, fans should dress in black from head to toe, starting with a dark dress shirt.

Any black pants and shoes you have lying around will do for the bottom half of the costume, but something you'll definitely want to buy is a set of black wings.

2. "On"


After "Black Swan" came BTS' "ON" era. BTS did things differently this comeback because instead of releasing their music video right away, the group gave fans a "Kinetic Manifesto Film" first. The mind-blowing clip allowed fans to really focus on the song's hard-hitting choreography.

In the video, the members wore a mix of black and white outfits, so you'll definitely want to follow this color scheme, too. A leather jacket on top of a white T-shirt was a reoccurring piece, making it a must-have item.

BTS wears a lot of cargo pants, especially for their hip hop performances. It makes them look super fresh and cool, so if you want to emulate the same confidence as them in their "ON" MV, you'll need to get this style of pant.

Finish the outfit with a pair of black, high top sneakers.

3. "ON" Music Video


BTS' "ON" music video followed a dystopian theme, showing the guys in a barren setting. Their looks, which included a mix of earth tones like beige, white, and brown, matched their empty surroundings. Their outfits had several layers, so fans can get really creative with what they put together.

If you're an RM fan, you need three key pieces of clothing to make this outfit complete. The most distinguishable part of RM's costume was his long, beige coat.

Based on the picture above, RM's pants look very loose and comfortable, so a pair of beige sweatpants should do.

Fans can then tuck a cream-colored dress shirt into their pants.

4. Retro "Dynamite" Outfits


Some of BTS' most popular looks of the year are found in their "Dynamite" music video. Fans wanting to replicate their retro vibe should make their costume as colorful as possible, starting with a patterned dress shirt.

BTS went for an old-school theme, and a good way to copy their look is by wearing flared pants perfect for a disco night.

Of course, nothing screams '70s fashion like a pair of retro sunglasses.

5. Pastel Boyband Look


BTS' "Dynamite" music video was filled with boyband references, and the most obvious one was the guys' matching pastel outfits, which totally reminded fans of classic '90s boy groups. This idea is probably the easiest look for a group wanting to match because everyone can pick a specific color.

Star with a pastel crewneck like V.

Pair it with some pastel pants.

Add a matching pastel beret hat.

Finally, accessorize with white, retro sunglasses.

Hopefully, these looks have given fans some inspiration for their Halloween costumes. The best part is these outfits are from 2020 alone, meaning ARMYs can look further back in BTS' fashion history for more ideas.