BTS' "ON" music video screenshot from YouTube.

BTS Finally Dropped The Music Video For "ON" & It'll Give You Life


ARMYs, you've been counting down the days until Feb. 21 for what seems like forever, but the day has finally arrived. BTS just dropped their new album Map of the Soul: 7, and it's jam-packed with bops. From the group's Connect BTS events and "Black Swan" art film to their "Shadow" and "Ego" comeback trailers, BTS has exceeded every expectation this comeback. The group has released so much content for fans, and BTS' "ON" music video is their latest offering.

BTS is known for surprising fans each comeback. This year, BTS laid out their comeback schedule through their "comeback map." It listed the key dates for the group's upcoming schedule, although it left out important details, like the title of BTS' lead single.

Fans didn't know the title until a few days before the arrival of MOTS: 7. On Feb. 16, BTS dropped their tracklist, revealing their lead single was called "ON." Unlike BTS' previous lead single, "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey, "ON" stars BTS alone. However, the tracklist also teased a version of "ON" featuring Sia, which is only available digitally.

BTS' comeback map also teased a "Kinetic Manifesto Film" that would drop alongside BTS' new album. Fans had no idea what it meant until Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the film would serve as the official music video for "ON." Fans were also curious as to whether the video would feature Sia or not, and now with the video's release, fans will be surprised to know Sia doesn't make an appearance in the video because it's version of "ON" with BTS alone.

The video focuses on BTS performing the song's powerful and hard-hitting choreography with a group of backup dancers and a marching band beside them.

Watch the video below.

A few hours before BTS dropped MOTS: 7, they gave fans a 30-second preview of "ON" through TikTok. It was a new approach for the group, as BTS has never done anything like it before. In fact, according to Forbes, BTS is the first artist to ever introduce a new single using TikTok.

BTS' new comeback schedule just proves once again how they continue to challenge themselves with every album release. Rather than going for their more traditional route and dropping a story-driven music video on the same day of their album release, BTS opted to debut "ON" with a mind-blowing performance video.