BTS' "Dynamite" Video Had So Many Hidden Boy Band References You Missed


ARMYs knew from the beginning BTS would be doing a retro concept for their latest comeback, but they didn't expect there to be so many boy band references in BTS' "Dynamite" video. The group paid homage to the biggest groups in boy band history, giving the visual an old-school feel. From their eclectic outfits and their dance moves to all the throwback props, BTS hid so many references throughout their video.

Months before BTS even announced "Dynamite," ARMYs got the feeling they were heading in a retro direction because of their performances during their Bang Bang Con virtual concert on June 14. First off, RM and Suga's "Respect" performance was overlayed with a vintage filter to make it appear like it was filmed decades ago. Then, BTS' "Boy With Luv" stage, which featured a remix of the hit single, had a nostaglic vibe that reminded fans of the '90s.

As BTS' comeback drew nearer, the group hinted at a retro concept even more with their concept photos and video teasers, which included the guys showing off signature Michael Jackson moves.

Now that BTS' "Dynamite" music video is here, fans can't get over just how many nods the group did toward old-school boy bands.

Here are five moments that especially stand out where BTS honored the groups that came before them.

1. '90s Boy Band Pastel Outfits


Matching white and pastel outfits were a major staple of '90s boy band fashion. Literally, you can insert any '90s boy band here and they probably rocked these outfits in one of their early-'90s vids. Although BTS didn't wear totally identical attire, they coordinated their clothes to follow a similar pastel aesthetic. Their sunglasses, bucket hats, and beret hats added to the nostalgia.

2. Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Poses

BTS' "Dynamite" music video is filled with so many nods to Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. The most obvious is the poses they do in front of the "DISCO" sign. A fan even broke down all the moves that honor the star in the clip below.

3. "I Want You Back" Sample

Next, fans are convinced "Dynamite" samples the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back." Not only do they have similar beats, but there is one specific moment — the "duh-duh-duh-duh" right at the end of the chorus — in "Dynamite" that sounds exactly like the refrain of the Jackson Five hit.

Once fans listened to the instrumental version of "Dynamite," they realized it also sounded like the King of Pop's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough."

4. Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" & "Break of Dawn"

Continuing on with the MJ references is V's verse in "Dynamite," which goes, "Word up, talk the talk, just move like we off the wall/ Day or night, the sky's alight so we dance to the break of dawn."

Here, V seemingly pays homage to Jackson's 1979 hit "Off The Wall" from his album of the same name, as well as "Break of Dawn" from his 2001 record Invincible.

5. New Edition's "Cool It Now"

BTS' "Dynamite" MV takes place at a basketball court, just like New Edition's video for "Cool It Now." Also reminiscent of the video are the camera's jerky swipes from Jimin and Jungkook dancing to the rest of the boys watching from the sidelines mock-disapprovingly, so the group could have been inspired by the classic '80s boy band.

6. Beatles Poster

Finally, if you take a closer look at the posters in Jungkook's room, you'll see a Beatles image right behind him. As ARMYs know, the guys are huge fans of the Beatles, and they even paid tribute to them during their May 2019 performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

All in all, BTS put so much thought into their "Dynamite" music video. ARMYs appreciate each and every detail, and they'll keep replaying the visual until they find all the easter eggs.