BTS Remixed “Boy With Luv” For ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ & It Was Truly Epic

by Daffany Chan
The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

ARMYs are buzzing about BTS' latest virtual performance, Bang Bang Con: The Live. The event was packed with epic tunes and exciting surprises, including a remix of "Boy With Luv" featuring innovative choreography with light-up umbrellas. This video of BTS' "Boy With Luv" remix from Bang Bang Con had fans cheering from home.

Fans from all over the world tuned into the virtual performance on Weverse on June 14, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The Bang Bang Con: The Live show was a digital treat for fans since the Map of the Soul world tour was postponed earlier in the year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The hour and a half concert was filled with fan-favorite songs such as "Dope," "Black Swan," and "Just One Day." They also performed new sub-unit songs, such as "Jamais Vu," "Respect," and "Friends," for the first time ever live. BTS even gave quick tastes of new songs "Ugh!" and "Zero O'Clock" during their vocal and rap-lines. To top it off, the boys showed off a new remix of their Persona single, "Boy With Luv," along with a totally eye-catching performance filled with flashy props and killer choreo. The remixed "Boy With Luv" performance featured colorful light-up umbrellas, which they closed and opened as they danced throughout numerous backdrops. Check out what happened during the most exciting remix of the evening.

It all started when V smoothly threw his umbrella to Jimin, who popped it open and then kicked off "Boy With Luv."

Jimin shone in the spotlight as he danced and sang with his umbrella.

Suga showed off his vocals during his solo.

The umbrellas even lit up the sky for a spectacular scene.

The remix got rave reviews from fans on social media.

One Twitter user spoke for ARMYs with the Twitter comment: "I didn't know how badly I needed 'Boy With Luv' with umbrella[s]."

Since the boys haven't been able to perform live recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, they've been releasing plenty of digital content for fans to enjoy. From never-before-seen choreography to karaoke, the videos are keeping ARMYs satisfied until things return to normal.