10 Virtual Christmas Games To Play That'll Keep The Grinch Vibes Away

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The weather outside may be frightful, but your virtual holiday party can be delightful. You've been thinking about how to make your Christmas rock while everyone's staying safe and comfy at home. This year's celebrations will continue to be different due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun and filled with surprise. You'll be the star on the top of everyone's Christmas tree if you plan some of these virtual Christmas games throughout the holiday season.

Not only will these virtual holiday games keep the Grinch vibes away, but they'll also fill up everyone's Christmas season and feed with so many laughs and memories. Even the grinches in your life who may not be big fans of playing games are sure to enjoy having some winter-themed plans on their calendar. The snaps you'll get catching your besties and family smiling in their camera's view while sipping a hot chocolate or cup of spiked eggnog will be priceless.

Truth be told, it's difficult not to gather with family during the holidays. According to a Dec. 11, 2020 update on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, limiting your gatherings to people in your immediate household is crucial. It reduces your risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19. But with the help of these virtual Christmas games, you can still share the merriest of this season with everyone you love.

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In The Spirits Of The Holiday

Around the holidays, you and your family members may enjoy whipping up delicious drinks with the flavors of the season. In this game, let your tastebuds enjoy each and every one, as you take sips at the cue of the Buzzed cards ($20, Urban Outfitters).

Some of these cards say funny and random things like, "If you like cottage cheese take a drink." So, you ultimately learn way too much about your family members while enjoying a sparkling cider or even a festive mocktail.

What's In Your Stocking?

If you've ever attended a bachelorette party and played "What's In Your Purse?" then you'll be a pro at this game. It works in a similar way, and should be played after your family has opened all their gifts.

Essentially, you'll read off a list of items that people may have gotten in their stocking, including a gift card, bag of candy, or tube of toothpaste. Whoever received the item in their stocking gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the list wins.

Tree Is Company

To play "Tree Is Company," you and your virtual guests have to gather 10 mugs or cups each. Then, turns telling the group statements that start with "never have I ever." If you have done what someone else hasn't, then you place a mug on your playing surface and begin to form the shape of a tree.

The goal is to have four mugs along the base and work its way up to one. Whoever forms their tree last wins the game.

The Reindeer Race

Nobody knows which reindeer is the fastest, but you and your family can certainly find out by playing "The Reindeer Race." It requires each player to choose one of Santa's reindeer as their "character," and then complete an obstacle course of holiday-themed activities. These activities could include decorating a cookie, wrapping a present, and putting ornaments on a mini tree. Keep a tally, and the fastest reindeer wins.

Puzzle Party

Have you recently enjoyed doing puzzles on the weekends? If so, put your newfound passion to the test with "Puzzle Party." During this game, each one of your family members should try to complete as much of an 800-piece puzzle ($49, Jiggy Puzzles) as they can, in a certain amount of time.

Everyone would need to purchase the same one in advance for this one (Bonus points can be awarded if the puzzle is winter, holiday, or even Christmas movie-themed.) Then, when the timer goes off, everyone can compare to see how much they got done and what parts really stumped them. Whoever completed the most, wins.

Wrap Battle

"Wrap Battle" doesn't require you to track down your karaoke microphone. Instead, it requires you to gather up all kinds of unique wrapping supplies, including brown paper bags, sprigs from the tree outside your house, and decorative ornaments. All other guests should do the same before logging onto the Zoom or FaceTime event.

Then, two people should go head-to-head at a time, wrapping a present in the most creative way possible, in five minutes. As the timer goes off, they must raise their hands to show they're not adding any final touches. At this point, everyone else can judge the packages and pick their favorite, aka the winner.

The Cookie Show

Treats are a must for your virtual holiday party, and this game ensures that everyone in your group can snack on something sweet. "The Cookie Show" works like this: One person in your group who's quite the chef sets up a cooking show of sorts in their kitchen. They wear an apron and set out the measured ingredients to make their all-time favorite cookie recipe.

When everyone is logged on, the chef begins teaching a class, while every guest can either follow along or simply watch. To spice this game up, have the chef come up with a catch phrase they can say, much like Emeril Lagasse's "Bam!"

Grinch Opinions

Although this game is called "Grinch Opinions," it comes with zero Grinch-like vibes. That's because each guest who wants to play must put together a basic PowerPoint on an unpopular holiday opinion they have. The PowerPoint should include one meme, one compelling argument, and one positive thought to support the opposing side.

The perk of this game is that it gets conversation going and is an easy way to make people smile or laugh. You'll be surprised at how passionate your family feels about certain movies, and even traditions.

Color Me This

Not all games have to be competitive or a race against a timer. "Color Me This" knows this, and is a chill game you can play as you catch up with your family members. It's simple: Each guest must color a holiday or winter-themed page of a coloring book ($8, Target) while also making some conversation. At the end, each person must display their work to the group as if you're having an art show.

Ornament To Be

See how well your family knows your holiday decorations with "Ornament To Be." The game puts focus on one person's tree at a time, and asks everyone else to guess the ornaments that are on the tree. If a person guesses correctly, then they get a point.

You can take this game to the next level by seeing if people can guess where your ornaments are from. If you're the traveler in your family, this twist can be really interesting and give you a chance to tell your favorite stories.