These Christmas tree Zoom backgrounds will make your calls so festive.

24 Christmas Tree Zoom Backgrounds That Bring The Holiday Feels

Get ready to spruce up your virtual celebration.

by Daffany Chan and Cianna Garrison
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Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to put up some festive decorations. If you’re planning to connect with your friends and family via Zoom, you can instantly bring the holiday feels to your call with a colorful backdrop that features a classic Christmas tree. To spruce up your virtual gathering, check out these 24 Christmas tree Zoom backgrounds.

A festive background is so much fun, and it’s the perfect addition to any virtual celebration, whether you’re hosting a holiday party on Zoom, toasting during a work happy hour, or even joining a school call. Whatever you’ve got on the agenda, there are plenty of Christmas tree Zoom backgrounds that will brighten up your call with beautiful lights and colorful ornaments. The best part is, there’s no need to decorate your space IRL because these backgrounds will bring all the holiday cheer you need.

Thankfully for virtual partygoers, you can easily transport yourself to a festive scene by swapping your background on Zoom. Royalty-free image services such as Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash offer plenty of images you can use for your background. To make your virtual space festive, just download or right-click on the image of your choice to save it to your computer or phone. Then, launch Zoom and go to Settings, click Backgrounds & Filters, and select the plus sign (+) on the virtual background tab to upload the image. Here are some Christmas tree Zoom backgrounds to get you started.

1. Red Christmas

This Christmas tree background features a Christmas tree and gifts in front of a festive red background.


2. Christmas Tree Lights

You can light up your virtual celebration with this glowing Christmas tree lights background.


3. Christmas Tree Living Room

It'll feel just like Christmas Eve at home with this Christmas tree in the living room background, which features plenty of gifts waiting to be unwrapped.


4. White Christmas

You don't have to head out of the house to enjoy this winter wonderland on a snowy day.


5. Holiday Dinner

If you're hosting a virtual dinner, you'll want to check out this holiday dinner background, which has a Christmas tree in the distance.

Pexels/Elina Fairtyale

6. Santa Christmas Tree

This background features a special appearance from Santa decorating the Christmas tree.


7. Christmas Tree at Night

Add a cozy feel to your virtual meeting with this scene of a Christmas tree at night.


8. Ornaments

This close-up of a Christmas tree features beautiful blue and white ornaments.


9. Fireplace Christmas Tree

Catch a seat by the fireplace this holiday with this background, which includes a comfy armchair, stockings hanging on the mantle, and a Christmas tree.


10. Christmas Tree Face

If you're looking for a silly background, this Christmas Tree face background will certainly have your pals laughing.

Unsplash/Eric McLean

11. Merry Christmas

You can wish your virtual party guests a "Merry Christmas" with this festive ornament.

Unsplash/Lucas Hoang

12. Reindeers

This background features three Christmas trees and two reindeers to light up your virtual celebration.

Unsplash/Wengzhang Zhai

13. Decorating The Tree

This Christmas tree background features a Santa-inspired get-up with a red velvet skirt and red and white striped stockings, as someone decorates the tree.


14. Cat Under The Tree

This Zoom background for the holidays features a decorated Christmas tree and a cat lounging underneath it.


15. Flocked Trees

This Christmas tree background from Williams-Sonoma has everything you need to create a cozy holiday atmosphere, with flocked trees and a white and red color scheme.


16. Walt Disney World Tree

This holiday background from Walt Disney World features the giant decorated tree outside of its Epcot.

Walt Disney World Magazine

17. Christmas Tree At The Wilderness Lodge

If you're looking for a Disney-inspired holiday background, this view from inside the Wilderness Lodge will make you feel SO ready for the holidays.

Walt Disney World Magazine

18. Gifts By The Christmas Tree

This background features will certainly get you excited for unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.

Unsplash/Cameron Stewart

19. Fireplace Christmas Tree

Cozy up to Christmas with this background, which features a festive tree next to a fireplace. Of course, the mantle is complete with red stockings, a wreath, and more decorations.

Unsplash/Lynda Hinton

20. Pine Trees In Snowy Weather

If you’re looking for a more minimalistic backdrop, check out this image, which features three pine trees in snowy weather.

Unsplash/Sincerely Media

21. Christmas Room

This background is the ultimate Christmas room – it even features reindeer wallpaper for a festive video call.


22. White And Gold Christmas Tree

Switch things up with this white and gold Christmas tree, which will look so frosty during your virtual gathering.

Pexels/Ksenia Chernaya

23. Cat In Christmas Tree

If you’re a fan of feline friends, then this background is for you. It features a tabby cat peeking out from the Christmas tree.

Pexels/Jessica Lynn

24. Living Room Christmas Tree

Gather your BFFs for a virtual celebration using this background, which features a lit-up Christmas tree in a bright living room.

Pexels/Element5 Digital

With so many Christmas tree backgrounds out there, it'll be easy to find one that suits your aesthetic for all your holiday Zoom hangouts.

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