A woman in reindeer antlers decorates her Christmas gift using ribbons and string
10 TikTok Gift-Wrapping Hacks Yule Be So Thankful For This Holiday Season

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It's that time of the year again to bust out your leftover wrapping paper from the year before, gather all your ribbons and bows, and sit down with some hot cocoa to get wrapping. Whether you're a pro at packaging presents or hopelessly folding corners over themselves to cover your gift, these TikTok gift wrapping hacks are here to make this year's gifting look like it came straight out of Santa's workshop.

You're so excited to see the look on your loved ones' faces when they finally unveil the gifts you thoughtfully chose. But, you want to make sure the outside looks just as good as what's underneath. Fret not, your presents can look so Insta-worthy under the tree with a few of these gift wrapping hacks on TikTok. You can opt for a classy minimalist design on your gifting to match your elegant Christmas tree, using TikTok folding techniques to make your wrapping stay tidy and neat. Or, you can create an incredible snow-stopping gift with a bow-making hack. Have an irregularly shaped gift? Don't gift up! TikTok has you covered there as well.

Wrapping gifts isn't always easy, but with these TikTok gift wrapping hacks, your loved ones will almost want to keep your presents as is, because they look that good.

This Hack Folds Presents As Snug As A Bug

This TikTok hack is taking on the world, one gift at a time. Instead of folding your paper in a traditional straight line, fold it to make overlapping layers that neatly decorate your present. For an extra bit of flair, you can tuck some flowers into the layers to finish it off.

This Hack Uses Old Paper For New Gift Designs

Don't throw away your paper scraps this year. This TikTok teaches you how to reuse your leftovers to make unique designs on your presents. Instead, use a solid-colored wrapping paper as your base, then layer your scraps on top of it. You can even do this with ribbons — a sure way to make a look even Santa's elves would envy.

This Ribbon Hack Is The Bow On Top

It can be hard to make the perfect bow for your Christmas gift. Luckily, this TikTok can teach you how to get it right every time. To make it, all you need is the ribbon of your choice, a scissor, and a small hair tie. To make this bow-fect tie, wrap your ribbon around your hand a few times, cut the excess fabric, then cut out two small triangles in the center, and pull the elastic through the middle to pull the ends out.

This Hack Can Wrap Any Cylinder

Cylindrical gifts are tough shapes to wrap nicely, but this hack on TikTok can help you wrap them like a pro. Soon enough, your cookie tins will look 100 present amazing with this folding technique. By turning your cylindrical object on its side, you can wrap it like rectangular gift, layering the excess fabric on top of one another for a professional gift-wrapped look.

This Folding Hack Will Get You In High Spiritz

You deserve a drink for mastering the ever-elusive bottle wrapping. This TikTok can make gifting wine or other bottles a true treat. And the best part? It's super easy. You can even add a few touches of tissue paper to make your bottle merry and bright. Simply roll your bottle up halfway so the top is still showing, then tuck your tissue paper into the folds and secure with tape.

This TikTok Is Great If You're Short On Paper

It happens — sometimes you accidentally cut the paper too short for your gift, or you run out of paper at the last minute. There's no need to panic, though, because this TikTok can quite literally cover your present. To make your gift fit in a smaller amount of wrapping paper, angle it diagonally on the sheet to take up less room.

This Hack Can Make You A Regular Pro At Irregular Gifts

For gifts that don't come in tidy boxes, this TikTok hack can help you fold those pesky shapes. And the bow on top? This hack also teaches you how to make matching ribbons to decorate your present with, so you'll be sleighing the gifting game in no time.

This Fabric Gift Wrap Is Cute AF

If you're looking for a more sustainable way to do your gifting this year, or you're just looking to make your presents stand out, try this TikTok hack that uses tea towels and other fabrics to wrap gifts. Your presents will look oh-so cottagecore when they're tied up in silk.

This TikTok Hack Is Crazy Lush

Wrapping bath bombs, perfumes, or other small baubles can be tricky. But, this TikTok makes your Lush bath bomb look so luxurious by using scrapbook paper instead of traditional wrapping paper. Your bestie is sure to gush over how crafty your present-wrapping skills are when they see your unique technique.

This TikTok Can Turn Any Paper Into A Bag

This TikTok hack can turn your old wrapping paper into a totally chic new Christmas tote. Your present will look so cozy nestled into your new gift bag, custom designed by you. Not only will your loved one be able to reuse their nifty new tote, but they can also show it off on the 'gram, as they match their Christmas outfit to the gift bag you made.