Three girl friends with Christmas presents

28 Xmas Gift Puns That'll Complete Your Post With A Big Red Bow

While spending time with family wins the award for the best thing about the holidays, you don't have to hide your enthusiasm for presents. Whether you're hoping to unwrap a special something this year, you're pumped to give your parents their gift, or both, you need to bring along some gift puns for Christmas to whatever holiday festivity you're invited to.

Just like the perfect gift, a pun immediately puts a smile on your face. It's silly, witty, and fun, which is exactly what you want to pair with pictures of your friends' and family's reactions to the gifts you give them. Think of it like a giant red bow on top of a present — it adds the right amount of flair. If you're planning on having a white elephant gift exchange with your besties, these 28 gift puns will also come in handy for your group photo at the end.

These puns will also be put to good use in your before and after pics of your Christmas tree display. The before pic will look like something straight off of Pinterest with all the gifts beautifully wrapped, and the aftermath will be full of wrapping paper and bows all about while everyone's in high spirits. So enjoy these puns as your very first gift of the season, and use them well for every Instagram-worthy moment to come.


1. "Your presents is required on Christmas morning."

2. "I'm here to gift up your spirits."

3. "Treat yo'elf to some Christmas gifts."

4. "Today's festivities wrapped up nicely."

5. "Adding professional wrapper to my resume."

6. "If you're having trouble wrapping, remember to never gift up!"

7. "Don't forget to gift credit where credit is due."

8. "Oh deer, I love Christmas presents."

9. "There's no time like the present to unwrap these Christmas presents."

10. "What you're looking at is the ghost of Christmas present."

11. "These gifts are totally qualitree."

12. "Let's wrap things up. Santa is on his way."

13. "Making it rein with lots of gifts for my deer."

14. "I like to think out of the box on Christmas."

15. "I open gifts at a wrapid pace."


16. "That's a wrap on Christmas."

17. "Let's wrap it up."

18. "I love my gifts from my head to mistletoe."

19. "I truly sleighed the gift-giving game."

20. "All I need for Christmas is your presents under my tree."

21. "I'm so good at buying presents, that yule wish I got you for secret Santa."

22. "When I opened my gift, it was love at frost sight."

23. "Watching people unwrap gifts has me feeling so Santa-mental."

24. "A round of Santa-plause for whoever got me this cute gift."

25. "Don't fir-get to get me something for Christmas."

26. "Everything looks tree-mendous with all the presents wrapped up."

27. "I love my gifts snow much."

28. "I'm an elf-taught gift wrapper."