Check out these 11 dollar store Christmas decor hacks from TikTok.

Transform Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland With TikTok's Best Dollar Store Decor Hacks

by Daffany Chan

If you're looking to step up your holiday decor this year without spending a fortune, there are plenty of affordable ideas on TikTok. Yes, the home of the the Renegade and dalgona coffee is now here to help with your holiday decor. Users are sharing the dollar store hacks and DIY projects they're doing to liven up their homes with holiday cheer. Check out these dollar store Christmas decor hacks from TikTok.

With the holidays just around the corner, holiday decor is getting tons of buzz on TikTok. Whether you're looking for glass lanterns or dining table decor, there are a whole slew of easy and cheap ideas you can try out at home. All you'll need is to pick up some items at your local dollar store — like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or 99 Cents Only — and then get to crafting. Most of the crafts only call for a few items, which means you can probably do each one for about $5 or less, which is wonderful news for your holiday budget.

1. Christmas Tree Table Decor

Transform some dollar store finds into an elegant dining table with this DIY Tik Tok idea from @bosstofe. All you'll need to do is buy mini Christmas trees, unwrap the garland, and glue them onto a piece of wood.

2. Mini Christmas Tree

This mini Christmas tree idea from @teambowman is an easy way to add a touch of holiday cheer to any room. You can make your own using mini Christmas trees, mini ornaments, snow spray, and a pot.


3. Winter Wonderland

It's a white Christmas with this DIY winter scene shared by @coachmecrystal. Just pour white sugar into glass jars to create fake snow and then add mini Christmas trees and reindeer figurines inside.

4. Snowman and Penguin

You can make adorable snowman and penguin decor using dollar store pizza pans, thanks to @hometalk's hack. You'll need to spray paint the pizza pans, create and attach the face and body, add embellishments like a scarf, and then glue them onto boards.


5. Glass Lanterns

Light up the room with some glass lanterns made from picture frames, thanks to @cierra_kaylese. According to Cierra, this only costs $5, and you'll need to use four frames to glue together to make up the base of the lantern and then one frame to break apart to use for the tops.


6. Candle Holders

Candles are one way to instantly add a cozy ambience to your holiday set-up at home. You can spice up your usual decor with these DIY candle holders by @erika.nails, which are made of wine glasses filled with ornaments, turned upside down, and clued onto a mirror.

7. North Pole

You can create some serious North Pole vibes at your home with this TikTok hack by @angnailedit by way of @louisianawoman1. You'll glue white ribbon onto red poles, and then add a gold ornament on top for extra glam.

8. Tree Skirt

If you're looking for a simple Christmas tree skirt, check out this TikTok hack by @lishespieces. Just pick up some cheap fabric and use it to wrap around the bottom of your Christmas tree.


9. DIY Hot Chocolate Holder

According to @karliparli, to make a DIY hot chocolate holder, you'll need a plastic container, candle holder, Christmas ribbon, and adhesive glue. After you put together the holder, you can store your hot chocolate, whether it's K-cups, packets, or something else.

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