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These Holiday TikTok Challenges Will Jingle Up Your Season

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It's that time of year to break out your ugly Christmas sweaters, re-watch your favorite holiday movies, and create TikToks that will spread joy to the world and your feed. These holiday TikTok challenges will have you fa-la-la-ing all over your home with cheer as you have fun recreating these new Christmas masterpieces.

So clear some space and put your dancing shoes on for these TikTok dances and challenges. For example, you and your SO or roomie will love learning these choreographies together for a cute post-dinner activity. As you try to get that fast-paced part down, you can catch your breath and learn how to make a hot chocolate bomb. Or, film how you and your bestie decorate your space for a festive movie night. This is the perfect group activity, too. Have you and your housemates DIY the best ugly Xmas sweaters and let TikTok choose the winner.

The holidays are meant to be filled with love and laughter, which is why these challenges on TikTok are so great. As you watch your friends don their best elf costume and try to coordinate their dance moves for the third time, you will be making the best memories ever. These TikToks will have you and your housemates LOLing all season long.

The #HereComesSantaClaus Challenge

You'll need to grab a partner for the #HereComesSantaClaus challenge. Together, you can show off your coziest holiday pajamas or go all-out in Christmas gear, and show off your two left feet. The choreography to this dance is so silly yet simple that'll it'll have you and your partner laughing all the way to the North Pole. (And bonus points if your cat or pooch makes an adorable appearance.)

The #HotChocolateBomb Challenge

It's not the holiday season without a festive hot cocoa to sip. Instead of making a traditional drink from powdered chocolate, try making your own version of this viral chocolate drink. This #hotchocolatebomb is such a trend this year. What more delicious way to decorate your cocoa and take your drink game up a notch?

The #UglyChristmasSweater Challenge

These #UglyChristmasSweater TikToks can serve as major inspo for your own this season. Share you favorite ugly sweater with the world, and have some fun with your choreography. Pair your Christmas gear with your favorite holiday song to make a festive video. Or, you can gather the roomie squad so viewers can vote on the best of ugly holiday sweaters.

The #ItsBeginningToLookALotLikeChristmas Challenge

If the D'Amelio's are doing it, this trend is sure to be on everybody's "For You" page. Follow the fancy footwork of Dixie D'Amelio and grab your roomie to put your own spin on #ItsBeginningToLookALotLikeChristmas. Dress up in your cutest Mean Girls-inspired Santa costume, or add your own flair to the choreography to really sleigh this challenge.

The #WhatIWantForChristmas Challenge

There's no need to drop subtle hints anymore so your SO knows what to get you. Instead, hop on the TikTok trend, #WhatIWantForChristmas. Share a screenshot of the products you've been pinning for this year so that your followers know what to get, or give the video a humorous twist by listing something people can't actually gift you, like Kylie Jenner's life or a spaceship ride to Mars. Either way, this trend is great for finding gift inspo.

The #MariahCareyChallenge

The #MariahCareyChallenge lets you channel your best impression of Mariah, the Christmas queen. Get your makeup bag and curling wand ready, because it's time to show your "For You" page how you can transform yourself. Or, grab your microphone (or your hairbrush) and lip sync over your favorite tune from her holiday album. This is great inspiration for your very own festive TikTok at home.

The #HolidaysOurWay Challenge

Show off your unique holiday traditions in this new challenge, #HolidaysOurWay. Got a non-traditional Christmas dinner recipe? An out-of-this-world makeshift Christmas tree? Or maybe you don't tend to celebrate the holidays, but you have your own family activities to enjoy during the winter season? Now's the perfect time to show them off and get your festive jam on.

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