Hot Chocolate Bombs Are A Thing & Everyone's Stocking Needs One

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It's that time of year when the cold weather and holidays make you crave a cozy cup of hot cocoa. It's the perfect way to warm up at home during the festive season, and if you've been scrolling through Instagram or TikTok lately, you may have noticed that hot chocolate bombs are a thing. It's time to ditch the powdered cocoa you usually use this time of year, and opt for something that's oh-so Insta-worthy.

For anyone unaware of this new trend, hot chocolate bombs are hollow chocolate balls filled with hot cocoa mix that you drop into a cup of warm milk. As the chocolate starts to melt, the bomb will open, allowing your beverage to transform into delicious hot cocoa. A hot chocolate bomb is the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones who also enjoy getting cozy at home with something sweet.

Go for a more traditional hot cocoa bomb for your friend who loves keeping up with holiday traditions like decorating the tree and watching A Christmas Carol. If your friend is a Harry Potter fan, you can even find sorting hat hot cocoa bombs that will tell them which Hogwarts house they should be in. These fun treats make the perfect gifts, so here are nine hot chocolate bombs to choose from that'll be sure to warm the hearts of everyone on your list.

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These Hot Cocoa Bomb Tins

This trendy treat is so popular that a lot of stores are selling out quickly. Luckily, Chocograms has hot cocoa bomb tins available for preorder right now. Along with your chocolate choices, you can customize your tin depending on the occasion with personalized cards and mugs. If this is something you need for all your friends and family, you'll want to order soon.

These Flavorful Hot Cocoa Bombs

Switch up your typical hot cocoa for a fun flavor. This Etsy shop offers seven different hot chocolate bomb flavors to choose from, including mocha chocolate and candy cane. Order as many as 11 or just one for a sweet stocking stuffer surprise.

These Individually Wrapped Hot Cocoa Bombs

Since hot cocoa bombs are the latest viral trend, you know each one of your friends needs to try one. Instead of buying a pack and individually wrapping them up yourself, consider ordering from this Etsy shop that does that for you.

Each one of these bombs is wrapped in its own box. That way, you can also pick out different flavors to match your friends' different tastes.

These Hot Cocoa Bomb Bombs

These treats are very similar to a chocolate bonbon, but instead of ganache, they're filled with hot cocoa mix. A set from Coco Jolie comes with six bomb bombs wrapped in colorful foil. You can also get a gift set that comes with a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bar and a mug for enjoying hot cocoa.

These Pumpkin Spice Cocoa Bombs

Have a gourd time with these pumpkin spice cocoa bombs. Even though we've moved on to the holiday season, that doesn't mean we're ever over pumpkin spice. Gift your pumpkin-loving roommate or family member a few pumpkin spice bombs in a cute pumpkin-shaped mug ($6, Pottery Barn) that's right on theme.

This Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate Bomb

When this chocolate melts, you'll not only find regular marshmallows, but Lucky Charms marshmallows inside this hot cocoa bomb, too. What a great throwback that your friends or loved ones are sure to love.

These 'Harry Potter' Sorting Hat Hot Chocolate Bombs

Add an element of surprise to your hot chocolate bomb with these sorting hats from Harry Potter. Each purchase includes four hot chocolate bombs that represent each one of the Hogwarts houses. Split them up between you and your three roommates, and see which house you each get. You'll be able to tell by what color your hot chocolate becomes.

These Adorable Hot Chocolate Bombs

These character hot chocolate bombs are almost too cute to eat. They come in a variety of designs, such as a gingerbread man and reindeer that are totally Insta-worthy. Make sure you take a snap of your treats before they melt.

These Vibrant Hot Chocolate Bombs

If your plans are to make an Instagram Reels video of your hot chocolate bomb, you might want to get these colorful ones from Etsy. Once you drop your bomb in your mug, you'll get quite a show seeing it turn into some tasty hot chocolate, so all you need is a cozy caption to top off your post.

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