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Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards Exist & Your Insta Is About To Get So Festive

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Believe it or not, your charcuterie board can change with the seasons. In the fall, you can add tomato chutney or slices of an apple to it. When the winter temperatures come around, you can give your board a theme like hot chocolate, and dress it up with holiday mugs, dark chocolate bits, or cinnamon sticks. These hot chocolate charcuterie board ideas will show you how to run with that theme and create the yummiest IG posts yet.

Let's be honest: You do love snacking away at the items you put on your charcuterie boards, especially during a virtual happy hour with your best friends. But, you also love taking photos of your charcuterie spread and getting close-up shots of the meats, cheeses, crackers, and grapes you've neatly laid out on a cutting board. Usually, at least one of your followers leaves a comment on your post like, "This looks like something from Pinterest!" or, "Please teach me your charcuterie board ways." Without even trying, you have established yourself as the charcuterie queen, and now you're looking for ways to get creative before winter happy hours commence.

Look no further than these hot chocolate charcuterie board ideas that'll add some yummy posts to your IG feed. Each will coach you on the very best ingredients and items to purchase, to lay out of the cozy spread of your dreams.

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Start Your Spread With A Snowman Cutting Board

You need a festive cutting board of sorts to lay your tasty treats on. Since it's ~essentially~winter, what would be better than this snowman-shaped board ($25, It's made of slate so any of the other items you place on it will totally pop on your IG feed. It can be used as a serving tray around the holidays when you host a meal for your roommates, too.

Pour Hot Chocolate Into A Couple Of Holiday Mugs

A key part of a hot chocolate charcuterie board is, of course, the hot chocolate. Pour yours into a couple of holiday mugs ($25,, and truly get into the spirit of things. This mug, in particular, is engraved with the words, "Be Merry." It'll remind you and your roomie or SO to cheese while taking selfies with your spread.

Surround Your Mugs With Sparkling Donuts

These pretty donuts ($4, speak to the spirit of the season. They're topped off with a glaze, as well as glitter that'll remind you of a fresh snowfall. Order about a dozen, and then surround your holiday mugs with them to create a tasty focal point on your charcuterie board.

Stack Gingerbread Men Cookies Next To Jam

You can always make and decorate your own gingerbread men for your hot chocolate-themed charcuterie board. But, if you'd rather purchase some already-made treats, then these cookies ($3, might be for you. They're covered in a sprinkling of sugar, and can be stacked on your cutting board for easy access.

Open A Can Of Jam And Put A Festive Spoon In It

No charcuterie board is complete without a jar of jam or chutney. This cranberry, sage, and raspberry jam ($16, will certainly do the trick. Not only is it red to match your holiday mugs, but it's also vegan and jam-packed with flavors which you can spread on a cracker, plop onto a slice of cheese, or slowly dip a ginger cookie into. To say the least, it'll be a highlight of your board.

Tuck Cute Cutlery In Between Your Snacks

In order to fully enjoy your spread, you'll need a festive cheese knife or two. These cheese knives ($22, with candy canes for handles will be a perfect fit, and perfectly set the mood of your IG post. Tuck one in between your cookies and another next to the marshmallows. If you want your pic to feel "in the moment," put a little bit of jam on the end of one before snapping a pic.

Drop Adorable Marshmallows Wherever You See Fit

To finish off your hot chocolate-themed charcuterie board, put one of these snowman marshmallows ($15, in each of your mugs. Do so right before you're going to take a picture of your board, so they don't melt away before they can make their IG debut. You can always tuck a few amongst your sweet or salty snacks, too, to show your followers that your boards are taking a cute and yummy turn this winter.

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