The Latest TikTok Trend Is Just Doing Whatever Wild Stuff Miley Cyrus Tells You To Do

Will/GC Images/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is doling out advice and asking people out on dates on TikTok — and it's taking the social media platform by storm. It all started when fans decided to try to get the Plastic Hearts singer's attention by writing some variation of "If Miley Cyrus comments, I'll do X," and the former Disney star proved all too eager to play along. So far, Miley Cyrus’ TikTok comments have fans shaving their heads, getting dating advice, and even agreeing to go on dates with the singer herself.

While it's unclear who started the challenge, the "Slide Away" star has quickly cemented herself as the queen of TikTok by weighing in and giving her two cents on whatever situation she was asked to evaluate. Of course, since it's Miley, the singer made sure to infuse some humor and spunk into her advice. Some tongue-in-cheek comments include Cyrus responding to a fan who wrote, "If Miley comments on this video, I'll stop texting him" to "D.U.M.P HIM" with a skull emoji, her telling numerous fans to "shave your head," and her advising a fan he should get "Let's ride" tattooed on his butt. On the more heartwarming side, she told a woman who wrote, "If Miley comments, we'll get married," that she "Hope[s] it goes better for you two than it did for me. Congrats," and advised a woman to name her daughter "California" when asked to come up with a potential moniker.

She even used the challenge to get a hilarious apology out of E! News.

However, the trend really went viral after Cyrus decided to ask a random woman out on a date. It all started when TikTok user @elblakee decided to get on the challenge by sharing a video of her dancing to the star's new track "Plastic Hearts" along with the caption, "If Miley comments I'll get whatever tattoo she says."

It's clear the TikTok caught Cyrus' attention, because she decided to one-up the question by asking one of her own. Instead of sharing a tattoo idea, the singer wrote back, "How about the time and place of our first date?" alongside a few heart, kissing, cherry, and tongue emojis.

The fan seemed to jump on the suggestion, writing, "I'm down to take you out anytime."

Cyrus didn't publicly respond and there's no further word on whether the two will actually be meeting up for a date, but judging from Cyrus' recent interviews, it sounds like the singer is enjoying the single life and dating virtually during quarantine, so never say never. In the meantime, fans looking for advice (or to potentially score a date) from the star can jump on the trend with their own "If Miley comments" query.