Woman texting outside a club, her zodiac sign's guilty pleasure.

Your Zodiac Sign's Guilty Pleasure Is Juicy (& Maybe A Little Cringe)

Own it.

What comes to mind when you think of your most guilty pleasure? Is it doom-scrolling your For You Page on TikTok, or ordering your daily eight-pump vanilla latte from your local Starbucks? Whatever your slightly embarrassing or not-so-great-for-you indulgence may be, it most likely correlates to astrology. You see, each zodiac sign has a guilty pleasure they’re notorious for, and it’s probably not something they’re willing to give up any time soon. Fortunately, if your guilty pleasure isn’t hurting you (or anyone else), there’s really no need to drop it. Guilty pleasures keep life interesting and can add a spark to your day-to-day. Though these traits can be annoying to some, they’re usually pretty harmless, so you do you, boo boo.

In astrology, there are characteristics that align with each zodiac sign; some you claim with confidence, and others you’ll deny if anyone points them out (even if you know they’re true). Though these traits may not be what you’d prefer to shout from the rooftops, they’re still parts of your identity. Whether you’re a Leo that loves when people double-tap your selfies on main, or an Aquarius that owns being a little bit of a hater, the qualities you hate to admit make you exactly who you are.

Below, you’ll find the guilty pleasure for your zodiac sign. It may not be great, but it’s sure to keep things *spicy*.

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Aries: Engaging In High-Spirited Debates

You lurvvv a good debate. As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, you’re incredibly passionate about the things you believe in (and, sometimes, even the things that you couldn’t care less about). There’s nothing wrong with engaging in heated discourse from time to time, Aries, as long as your opponent knows not to take things too seriously.

Taurus: Eating Dessert After Every Meal

As a Venus-ruled sign, you’ve got a major sweet tooth. You’re all about experiencing what life has to offer to the fullest extent, so, yes, you do want to see the dessert menu every time you go out for dinner. There’s nothing like enjoying something sweet after a hearty, savory meal; it makes your dining experience 10 times better.

Gemini: Listening To Juicy Gossip

The rumors are true. As a Mercury-ruled zodiac sign, you love a good story, even if the *facts* aren’t 100% accurate. You’re curious and lighthearted, so you live for new info. When your besties send you a text that starts with, “You won’t believe what happened last night,” you actually get an adrenaline rush. As long as your friends can trust that you’ll keep their secrets sacred, what harm is a little gossip? Xoxo.

Cancer: Rewatching Your Fave Comfort Series

You’re a fan of all things nostalgic — thanks to your planetary ruler, the moon — especially when it comes to TV shows and movies. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Friends or Clueless, they’ll always be your first picks during a quiet night at home. Though you’re hesitant to branch outside your comfort zone when it comes to streaming something new, you never feel like you’re missing out on anything. Your same three series and films get the job done every time.

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Leo: Posting A Selfie Photo Dump

LBR, you’re a big fan of of taking pictures of yourself. As the sign with (arguably) the best hair of the zodiac, you like showing yourself off — the bigger the audience, the better. Regardless of how self-absorbed you may appear to some, you’re a confident queen, and never hesitate to post cute pics of yourself back to back on the ‘Gram if you’re feeling yourself. #feltcutenotdeletinglater

Virgo: Correcting Someone’s Grammar

You’re detail-oriented and analytical, which means you’re big on communication — more importantly, how others communicate with you. Editing typos and correcting someone’s grammar mid-argument are nothing new. (Plus, they’re great ways to knock down the opposition, if need be.) You may not be confrontational, but you’re big on literacy, and you’re not afraid to own it.

Libra: Being A Serial Monogamist

A Venus-ruled air sign like you is big on relationships. So much so, you may not always take long breaks in between. It’s not that you have a problem being alone, you just actively crave connection, which can often lead to you spending more time in a romantic partnership than by yourself. You can’t help it that there’s always someone eager to take you on a date.

Scorpio: Stalking Your Crush On Your Finsta

Been there, fam. As the fixed water sign of the zodiac, you’re all about being in the know — but you don’t always want others to know that you know. As a result, you may find yourself using your burner account to keep tabs on a former flame or a new someone. They probably feel like you don’t even remember or know they exist, but you definitely have your way of keeping tabs.

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Sagittarius: Appearing Preachy When Discussing Your Beliefs

With larger-than-life Jupiter as your ruling planet, you’re always eager to enlighten the people around you, no matter how brutally honest you may have to be. This could lead you to coming off a bit self-righteous, but your intentions are always in the right place. Having an abundance of knowledge is a blessing and a curse, but you’d much rather be well-educated than be ignorant.

Capricorn: Giving Your Friends Tough Love

You’re one of the best people to go to for advice, Capricorn, even if it tends to be a bit harsh. As the Saturn-ruled earth sign, you’re all about self-discipline, and you tend to hold your friends to the same standard. You have no problem giving the people in your life a reality check when needed, regardless of the potential blowback. They always thank you for it in the long-run.

Aquarius: Voicing Your Unpopular Opinions

Being the odd one out is NBD to you. You actually secretly enjoy it. As the unconventional sign of the zodiac, you may find yourself disliking popular trends simply because they’re popular, which can cause you to be known for your unpopular opinions. You wouldn’t have it any other way though; you feel way better honoring your authenticity than going along with the crowd.

Pisces: Being Too “Go With The Flow”

You’re notorious for being incredibly adaptable, thanks to your mutable and watery nature. Others may consider you to be a bit fickle, but you enjoy being laidback and willing to change direction in an instant. People may not always understand your choices, but who doesn’t love a little mystery? Nothing wrong with keeping people guessing.