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What Planets Are Retrograde July 2023? TBH, It’s Kind Of A Lot

A hot new bombshell is entering the villa: Venus.

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Here’s to longer days, shorter nights, as well as a booked and busy social calendar. It’s summertime, baby! As the sun prepares to shift into its home sign of Leo this month, you’ll be tapping into your main character energy just in time for a beach vacation. However, as you prepare to sit back and relax, July 2023’s retrograde planets are coming in extra hot. In total, there will be four planets reversing through the cosmos in July, which is a biiit much — but only one will actually be stationing retrograde this month: Venus. She’ll easily be the star of the show this summer, which means that you will be paying your relationships a lot of attention.

What’s A Retrograde?

A retrograde is an apparent change in movement of any planet through the sky. Each of the eight planets (excluding the luminaries, aka the sun and moon) maintain a consistent retrograde cycle, unique to their relative speeds. The inner planets, like Mercury, Venus, and Mars, experience shorter retrograde periods; the outer planets, like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, station retrograde for extended lengths, since they move at a slower pace. When a planet stations retrograde, it appears to be reversing its steps through the cosmos, but in reality, the celestial body is just moving at a much slower speed than normal. This is where retrograde mishaps tend to come from: The change in tempo tends to impact the planet’s ability to accomplish its usual objective.

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What Planets Will Be Retrograde July 2023?

As previously mentioned, there will be a total of four planets retrograde in July, but only one Venus will be stationing retrograde this month. The planet of love, pleasure, and creativity will be joining Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, all of which stationed retrograde in the months prior. This is the first time Venus will station retrograde in Leo since 2015, so it’s bound to bring some important themes into focus specifically in the house Leo resides in everyone’s birth chart.

What To Expect From July 2023’s Retrograde Planets

Venus Retrograde (July 22 - Sept. 3)

On July 22, Venus will station retrograde in the fixed fire sign of Leo, the same day that Leo season begins. In this sign, Venus looks for dramatic, over-the-top displays of affection that feel genuine and intentional. Since Leo is a sun-ruled sign, this also puts a spotlight on relationships, making them more public and more susceptible to scrutiny from outsiders. While Venus is in Leo, you may feel the increased desire for external validation and appreciation from those you’re in relationships with. However, as Venus retraces her steps through this sign until Sept. 3, you’ll reconsider how you go about securing your needs and desires. There’s nothing subtle about this transit, especially when it comes to going after what you want. If you’re feeling unwanted or unappreciated during this retrograde, you’ll be more inclined to cut ties and walk away. This could also be a period where ego and pride is more of a conversation in relationships. How willing are you to compromise with another person for the sake of the connection? The last time Venus was retrograde in Leo was July to September of 2015, which means similar themes from that period of your life could potentially resurface.

While relationships will be the primary theme, you may also find yourself reevaluating your relationship to money, creativity, food, and passion. Venus rules over indulgences, so be mindful of just how much you’re allowing yourself to succumb to your urges. With Venus in a fire sign, they’re bound to feel much more urgent. Be sure to pace yourself and try not to make impulsive decisions based on inflated ego or arrogance. This is a time to consider what your needs are (and how they’re being met), but it’s also a fortunate time for prioritizing yourself. You don’t have to put what you want on hold just because another person can’t or won’t give you what you deserve.

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