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How Summer Solstice 2023 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Time to stock up on sunscreen (and tissues).

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I hope you’ve finished your spring cleaning, because summer is upon us, and things are kicking off with a major bang. While the last couple of months have been action-packed to say the least, things don’t really start to get wild until the sun shifts into the cardinal water sign of Cancer on June 21. As the first water sign of the zodiac, this season is all about reconnecting you to the emotional needs you’ve had since birth. And, not only will you be very in tune with your intuition this season, but you’ll be actively seeking comfort, stability, and security in your endeavors, despite how fleeting it may be. So, if the versatile energy of Gemini season has had you feeling distracted and overstimulated, not to worry — your summer solstice 2023 horoscope is propelling you toward your immediate desires just in time for hot girl summer.

As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, Cancer season is not only a time to get in touch with your feelings, but it’s also a time to consider what you need in order to feel content and right at home. Since the moon is the goddess of the sky, her primary job is to shed light on the parts of ourselves that tend to get neglected or overlooked. Although the stereotypes of this sign tend to only highlight its weepy, sentimental side, this season is more about getting in tune with what you need in order to feel safe — and what others around you need, too. As the sun shifts out of the chatty, multifaceted sign of Gemini on June 21, everyone will be called to shift their focus to where they require the most care, comfort, and protection in their lives. While this may not sound super eventful, the cardinal energy of Cancer is incredibly focused on taking action, but these pursuits will mainly be fueled by your ever-changing wants and needs.

When Is The Summer Solstice?

On June 21 at 10:54 AM EST, the sun will shift into Cancer, marking the official start of the summer solstice. In astrology, each of the four cardinal signs kick off the start of a new season (Aries season aligns with the spring equinox, Cancer the summer solstice, Libra the fall equinox, and Capricorn the winter solstice). During this time of year, the sun is at its highest point in the sky, bringing forth longer days, and shorter nights. Solstice energy is a time for initiation, action, and pursuit, so during this season, you’ll feel inclined to get things moving, particularly in the Cancer-house of your birth chart.

Here’s how every zodiac sign will be affected by the summer solstice:

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Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21-April 19)

On June 21, the sun will shift into your fourth house of home and family, illuminating your desire for familiarity and comfort in your natural environment. Although this season goes against your independent and assertive nature, it’s a fortunate time for recharging your batteries behind closed doors. Consider what you need to feel the most at home this month, Aries. It may look like spending time with a relative, or opting for home-cooked meals instead of takeout. Anything that allows you to lean into the support that your habitat can provide.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20-May 20)

This month, as the summer solstice unfolds, you’ll be looking for emotional fulfillment through your environment, interests, and studies. Now is a fortunate time for leaning into places and people that make you feel at home, Taurus. Take a trip to your favorite local coffee shop, attend a neighborhood event, or re-read your favorite novel. Anything that brings you closer to those familiar places or things that feel safe and anticipated.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21-June 21)

As the sun shifts into Cancer on June 21, your desire for comfort and security in your money and resources will be illuminated. This is an ideal time for prioritizing valuables that hold some kind of sentimental value, or bring you emotional satisfaction. It’s also a time to be mindful of your spending, Gemini — some of the purchases you make now may be fueled by temporary feelings. However, as long as you’re not being too emotionally impulsive, most of what you obtain now should bring nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 22-July 22)

It’s your season, Cancer, which means that you’ll be feeling more like yourself than ever. As the sun travels through your first house this month, your need for emotional security and comfort will be illuminated. You’ll be feeling more inclined to prioritize your own needs rather than the ones of others, making this a fortunate time for self-care. Listen to your gut, and allow your emotions to guide you this season. Trust me, they’ll be stronger than ever.

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Leo Zodiac Signs (July 23-Aug. 22)

On June 21, the sun (aka your chart ruler) shifts into Cancer, highlighting your desire to nurture yourself and your inner light behind closed doors. This is an auspicious time for ensuring that your cup is full, so be sure to consciously acknowledge what your needs are now, Leo. You’ll want to make sure you’re recharged by the time your season comes around.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Your social life will be heating up this month, Virgo, as the sun shifts into the sign of Cancer. You’ll be seeking more emotional fulfillment through your friends and community this season, encouraging you to lean into your mom-friend tendencies. Although you gain fulfillment in this role, it’s important not to focus so much on the needs of others that you neglect your own. Others may be calling on you more than usual this month, so be sure to establish boundaries if needed.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 22-Oct. 23)

As the summer solstice unfolds, your career and professional life will be placed front and center as the sun makes its way through your 10th house. You’re a natural caretaker in your occupation, and this season is making sure than you gain the recognition you deserve. Your desire for emotional fulfillment at work may also be illuminated now, and you may actually find increased comfort and security through coworkers and duties.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

On June 21, the summer solstice will place a spotlight on your current beliefs, philosophies, and academics. This is a fortunate season for leaning into studies that feel emotionally stimulating, as well as topics related to home, family, or ancestry. You may also find yourself inspiring or promoting an impactful message to others as a way to nurture and console them. Broadening your perspectives is essential now.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You’ll be called to support and nurture others this month, as the summer solstice takes place. As someone who’s always eager to be generous to your loved ones, this season is spotlighting the ways you require reciprocation and mutual effort. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin, now is a time to re-consider some of the things you’re invested in. It may be time to readjust your boundaries, Sagittarius.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

As the summer solstice unfolds, you’ll be taking a closer look at your need for emotional support in your relationships. As the disciplined, refined sign of the zodiac, you’re hesitant to outwardly express your feelings, but this season is inviting you to be vulnerable with the people around you. Confide in a romantic partner, or spend some quality time with a sympathetic friend. Your relationships should be a safe haven for you.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

On June 21, the sun will shift into your sixth house of routines, habits, and wellness, shifting your focus to how you regulate your moods and fluctuating needs on a daily basis. What you require to feel comfortable varies often, and this season is a fortunate time with priorities these necessities. If you need more sleep or have been meaning to make a change in your diet, now is an optimal time to do so, Aquarius. You’ll feel better once you lean into the ever-changing needs of your body.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 19-March 20)

As the sun shifts into Cancer this month, your hobbies, passions, and leisurely activities will be illuminated. You’re a natural creative, Pisces, and this season is a reminder of the ways you express your emotions through artistic expression. Pursue things that make you fell like a kid again this month, or go an a nostalgic venture, anything that inspires and comforts you.