Young woman holding her hat during one of June 2023's planetary retrogrades.

What Planets Are Retrograde June 2023? So Many Are Returning

But don’t let the number fool you.

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Hot Girl Summer is almost here, which means there’s nothing standing in the way of you living your best life — not even the cosmos. As Mercury retrograde mishaps slowly fade into the ether, communicating without putting your foot in your mouth shouldn’t be too difficult. But be warned, because as June 2023’s retrograde planets suggest, the upcoming astrology isn’t without its challenges.

What Is A Retrograde?

A retrograde takes place when a planet gradually slows down its speed in the sky. Each of the astrological planets (aside from the two luminaries, the sun and the moon) have a retrograde cycle. The inner planets (i.e. Mercury, Venus, Mars) station retrograde more frequently than the outer planets (i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), due to how quickly they whip around the zodiac. When a planet stations retrograde, it can cause delays, slowdowns, and turnarounds pertaining to what that planet signifies. Mercury (aka the messenger) retrograde, for example, tends to be a more challenging time for processing information, communicating effectively, and portraying accurate details. This tends to be a more noticeable retrograde than when an outer planet like Pluto stations retrograde, because of Mercury’s proximity to Earth.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde June 2023?

This month, a total of three planets will be retrograding through the skies: Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. However, since two of these retrogrades involve outer planets, their effects won’t be as noticeable. It’s that one inner planet that you need to concern yourself with shaking things up a bit more.

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What To Expect From June 2023’s Retrograde Planets

Saturn Retrograde (June 17 - Nov. 4)

On June 17, Saturn — the planet of boundaries, rules, and structures — will station retrograde in the mutable water sign of Pisces. While Saturn retrogrades take place annually for about four months out of the year, this is the ringed planet’s first time stationing retrograde in the sign of the fishes in almost 30 years. As a result, the Pisces-ruled house in your birth chart will experience some major restructuring, especially if you’re currently experiencing your Saturn return.

In Pisces, Saturn won’t implement the same, rigid boundaries it’s been used to over the last several years. Instead, Saturn will work to refine and improve the area of your chart where structure tends to be the most absent. Since Pisces is the idealistic, aspirational sign of the zodiac, Saturn’s time in this sign will be all about actualizing your dreams and making them a reality. However, as the retrograde unfolds, you may notice a slowdown in this area of your life. From June 17 until Nov. 4, you’ll be called to reconsider how you’ve been pursuing your hopes and visions. In order for a wish to come true, hard work and discipline is required, and this retrograde will send you back to the drawing board to make some much-needed adjustments.

Neptune Retrograde (June 30 - Dec. 6)

As the month comes to a close, Neptune — the planet of deception, fantasy, and illusions — will also station retrograde in Pisces. Fortunately, this is nothing new for the Pisces-ruled house in your birth chart, since the blue planet has been stationing retrograde in this sign every year for the past nine years. And, since Neptune is one of the outer planets, its retrograde period is much less noticeable. What you may notice, however, is a bit of clarity in the area where you tend to be the most naive. Since Neptune is the planet that can cause confusion and uncertainty, its retrograde tends to soften these effects. So, if you’ve been struggling to see things clearly in the area of fantasy, dreams, and ideals, the fog may temporarily lift over the next five months.

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