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How Being A Pisces Rising Sign Affects Your Personality & Love Life

You probably wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Understanding your birth chart usually starts with knowing your zodiac sign, aka your sun sign. But there’s actually a more fitting beginning point astrologers encourage cosmic newbies to study: the rising sign. If you’re a Pisces rising, it’s not the same as being a Pisces sun. So, what does having this all-important placement in watery Pisces mean? It influences your entire natal chart, NBD.

The ascendant is generally revered as the most essential aspect of a birth chart. “Most people resonate with their rising sign maybe even more than their sun sign,” astrologer Indigo Witt tells Elite Daily. “That's why you would want to read for your rising sign with horoscopes.”

This sign represents the energy of you entering the world. It’s how you meet new situations and the first impression you make, but it’s also the energetic theme of your life. “It’s like a pair of lenses that we see the world with, whether we like it or not,” Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily. The rising also embodies everything from the vibe you give off to your outward energy, physical appearance, and mannerisms.

Those with a Pisces rising naturally present with ethereal and elusive Pisces vibes — even if they’ve got, say, a grounded Virgo sun sign underneath. Here’s everything to know about having the very last zodiac sign sitting at the helm of your birth chart, according to the pros.

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What Is A Rising Sign?

The rising is the zodiac sign physically ascending over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, changing signs about every two hours — so accurate birth time is essential. “It’s the most important placement because it sets up your chart [with] the houses,” Witt continues. The 12 astrological houses each represent a facet of life, and your rising sign denotes the first of the bunch, dictating the order of the rest. “It represents not just how you show up, but how you move through life as well,” she says.

When you’re born, you’re linked to the energy of whatever sign was ascending at that moment. From then on, this energy is how you continuously meet the world. “It represents those qualities that you're literally bringing into life,” Witt says. To find your rising sign, simply input your birth date, time, and location into an online birth chart calculator for your personal cosmic blueprint, led by your ascendant.

Pisces Rising Personality Traits

To gauge what it means to be a Pisces rising, there are several key factors to consider. There’s the sign’s element, modality, ruling planet, and animal or symbol — all making up their presenting energy. For those with Pisces heading the operation, that means the water element, mutable modality, Neptune and Jupiter, and the Fish.

The result? A person who appears as a dreamy, otherworldly creature with a free-flowing current of deeply spiritual energy. They’re a chameleon with a tendency to wear eternal rose-colored glasses, thanks to optimistic Jupiter and illusional Neptune.

Pisces represents the unexplored depths of the ocean and the subconscious mind, and they can easily read other people. “Pisces knows exactly how to connect with people by calling on different parts of their awareness,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond tells Elite Daily. Because they live with one foot in this world and one in another realm, they can be quite aloof or spacey — but they pick up on depth and subtleties others don’t.

As mutable water signs, they’re always moving and can be hard to understand. “Nothing is distinct or categorized with Pisces because they're opposite Virgo,” Witt explains. “Virgo loves boundaries and lines, but Pisces has zero boundaries — everything is all over the place.”

Mutable signs love exploration. “For Pisces, it's about exploring emotions,” Witt explains. This sign feels everything, and they’re highly intuitive. They may even seem naive, given their penchant for optimism and romanticism. Unlike the other water signs, the Fish does not shield itself with a Cancer crab shell or the scorpion’s exoskeleton. While all water is emotional, Pisces bares their heart on their sleeve — and they’re either rewarded with their lofty dreams made reality, or hurt due to lack of caution.

Pisces is the rarest rising sign in the Northern Hemisphere because it takes less time for the sign to rise there, according to Bond. “That gives a good indication that their personality is a bit different,” she says. “There's something unique, unusual, and idiosyncratic about them.”

Pisces Rising Physical Appearance & First Impression

With Neptune (the planet of glamour and dreams) radiating from their being, looking at a Pisces rising is like looking into the ether. “It’s almost like a mirage when you see a Pisces rising laugh or the way their hair flows. There’s something very cinematic. Not like a Leo, but dreamier,” Mesa explains. Their energy is almost “ghostly,” as Witt puts it.

“It’s an energy that’s intangible, but all-encompassing, ambiguous, and fluid,” says Mesa. They don’t make a consistent first impression, other than the sense of being a mythical creature. They’re also a mirror, so it’s hard to gauge what’s really them and what’s reflection. “If you’re nervous or intense or unsure, they’ll pick up on that and mirror it right back to you,” Mesa explains.

They may seem spacey at times, but they’re friendly and generally seen as whimsical, charming, charismatic, and intriguing — though their soul-drenching eye contact can be a little much for some. You can spot this ascendant by their deep, knowing eyes. “They have those big, wet eyes,” Witt notes, adding that they may even look like they’ve been crying.

Bond concurs. “I always think of ocean eyes,” she says. “Even the song Ocean Eyes always reminds me of Pisces rising.” It’s no coincidence that the artist behind the ballad, Billie Eilish, is the quintessential big-eyed, dreamy Pisces rising with a haunting siren’s voice. With this sign, “there's this depth [in their eyes] like a fish that can go to the bottom of the sea floor,” Bond adds.

Their homage to the Fish is also found in their pouty face and lips. “They even hold their face in a pout without meaning to,” Bond says, noting their perfectly smooth and hydrated skin. Their overall vibe is drop-dead gorgeous in the most magical way.

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Pisces Rising In Social Settings

Mutable signs are natural socialites — they’re adaptable enough to converse with all sorts of people. The Fish can swim in anyone’s waters, plus they have that mirror quality, so they can really vibe with anyone. “The way that a Pisces rising can easily blend in with their surroundings is uncanny,” says Mesa. “They can almost morph into the person they want to be that day [and are] compassionate and very in-tune with other peoples’ needs.”

“Even though they're not the greatest conversationalists, they have that quality where it's almost charming, and their natural awkwardness is cute,” Witt tells Elite Daily. Although, it’s worth noting that they could be having a conversation with their mind somewhere entirely different, drifting in and out of their two realities.

Pisces risings typically have a wide network of acquaintances and friends. They’ll roll up with their entire squad, and they’ll either be staying out later than most, or they’ll fall asleep at the function. There’s really no in-between.

Pisces Rising Compatible Placements

There are specific placements that just hit right with the Fish — namely, having synastry to Venus (love), the moon (emotions), Mars (passion), or the ascendant. Pisces Venus or Mars people likely have instant heart eyes for this rising sign, while the moon here feels emotionally safe.

Opposites attract in astrology: Pisces risings can’t help but reel in Virgo placements. As the sign in their seventh house of partnerships, Virgos really do complete this ascendant. “Virgo is really perfect for them and their ideal [match],” Mesa says, “They’d ground Pisces, but still have that mystery that Pisces craves.”

The other earth and water signs are also compatible with Pisces, but according to Bond, fellow romantic Leo would be all over them. “Leo risings would have Pisces in the eighth [house], so they definitely might be drawn towards Pisces risings,” she notes. Aquarius, Leo’s opposite, is also generally down for Pisces vibes.

How Do Pisces Risings Flirt?

Without a tough exterior protecting their emotions, Pisces is all squishy, gooey, idealistic love from the get-go. “Pisces are the romantics,” Witt says. “It’s like they invented romance.” Case in point: Pisces rising Ryan Gosling in the epic romance of the century, The Notebook. They aren’t afraid to be their cheesy, hopeless romantic selves and fearlessly go all in. “You can absolutely tell if a Pisces rising is into you. It's very obvious,” Witt notes. “But it’s not going to be abrasive.” They’ll be in your space, chatting you up, and asking you questions.

They’re incredibly good flirters. “It’s a talent,” says Witt. They’ll use their majestic charm and hold you down in soul-binding eye contact. If they’re shy, they’ll likely stick with eye contact over actual interaction, hoping their telepathic messages get through.

Pisces Rising Careers

Pisces risings may lean into their Piscean nature in regard to their occupation, but they’ve also got fiery Sagittarius in their 10th house of career. As both signs involve Jupiter, this planet has a lot to say about the subject.

“They will be the most successful in a place where they can expand, grow, take risks, and venture into the unknown,” offers Mesa. Pisces risings would excel in fields like marketing, sales, managerial positions, teaching, writing, philosophy, yoga, astrology, music, and art.

“Teaching of any kind, like a professor or even a spiritual teacher or life coach, [is a good option] because they've got that motivational Sagittarius 10th house,” says Bond. “They're really good at rallying people and leading new operations,” she says, noting this makes them fit for politics, entrepreneurship, and public speaking. “They seem to naturally find leadership positions,” Bond expands. Many Pisces risings become highly successful singers, because hello, they’re actual sirens (think Pisces risings Eilish, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys), and novelists, thanks to their boundless imagination.


Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach

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