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How Being An Aquarius Rising Sign Affects Your Personality & Love Life

You’re a natural trendsetter.

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Aquarius is not known as an attention-loving sign, so apologies, dear Water-Bearer, but it’s time to endure the spotlight for a moment. Aquarius rising signs are born to push society forward, and they lead with an undying sense of unique individuality.

Everyone has a birth chart full of complicated placements and endless layers. At the head of this chart? The rising sign, aka the ascendant. As astrologer Indigo Witt previously told Elite Daily, the ascendant sign represents a person coming into the world and “taking your first breath ... It’s representative of how you interact with the world socially, your physical appearance, your self-expression, and style.” Everything from your mannerisms to your first impression to your life trajectory is found within this placement. All that a person does, observes, and experiences are filtered through that initial lens of the rising sign.

So, what does it mean to have an Aquarius rising sign? Here’s everything to know about touting the Water-Bearer on your sleeve, from your first impression and appearance to personality and career.

What Is A Rising Sign?

Many astrologers refer to the rising sign as the most important placement in a natal chart. For one, it’s where things get ultra-specific. While it’s possible to compute most of someone’s chart based on their birthday, the ascendant requires an exact time of birth for accurate calculation. “It’s the sign [ascending] on the eastern horizon as you're being born,” Witt tells Elite Daily. Each zodiac only rises for an hour or two before switching signs.

The ascendant also sets up the 12 astrological houses in a chart. Each house represents a different area of life beginning with your entrance into it, aka the rising sign or first house. When you look at a circle chart, it’s divided into 12 slices. Whichever sign is sitting in the first slice will determine how the rest of the zodiac falls in line through the subsequent houses. Therefore, this placement signifies not only how you show up in life, “but how you move through it as well,” Witt explains. To find your rising sign, plug in your birthday, location, and time into an online birth chart calculator.

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Aquarius Rising Personality Traits

Aquarius risings present with the traits relating to the sign’s ruling planet, element, modality, and symbol. As the Water-Bearer, Aquarius is often confused as a water sign, but it’s actually represented by air. “The Water-Bearer is this holding of emotions — holding the contents of the human experience,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond tells Elite Daily. “So Aquarius risings do sometimes find themselves in situations where they're solving problems for a lot of people.” While they have the capability to hold space for the emotional waters of others, their air quality allows them to remain more objective and emotionally detached.

To muddle things even further, Aquarius has not one, but two ruling planets. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, while Uranus is its modern ruler. “Both are very mature energies, but very different,” says Bond. “Aquarius risings can sometimes seem like a little bit of a paradox,” she continues. “They can be very quirky, fun, and outgoing, but also very stoic and serious. The Uranus energy gives them an unpredictable quality, which is the opposite of Saturn.” They’re also a fixed sign, so they can be extremely stubborn.

With the Uranus energy, Aquarius risings often feel like they don’t fit in with their peers. “The rising sign is the theme of your life energetically, which you’re meant to embody and embrace,” Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily. “For Aquarius risings, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not meant to fall in line, because a lot of times they feel like an outcast.”

Again, thanks to Uranus, Aquarius risings are meant to shake things up. They represent revolution, rebellion, technology, science, humanity, and the future — and as a fixed sign, their ideals are set in stone. “They tend to be visionaries as well,” Witt says. “They’re very focused on the future and what's coming next.”

Aquarius Rising Physical Appearance & First Impression

Like the other fixed rising signs, Aquarius ascendants are polarizing. “Aquarius risings can easily trigger others,” Mesa points out. The first impression really depends on the person, because Aquarians come in with a strong and often contrarian energy. They can seem cold, stubborn, and even offensive to some. But for those who share this ascendant’s ideals, the Aquarian will likely come across as inspiring and fresh.

Aquarius ascendants are innately curious about humans. They want to learn about different perspectives and will ask a lot of questions when meeting someone new. They generally have plenty to say and can talk about anything. “Aquarius tends to give off a sense of originality and eccentricity,” Witt shares. “When meeting them, people are like, ‘Wow, they're really exciting,’” she adds — though they can also be a bit socially awkward.

“Their eyes have a very galactic vibe to them,” says Mesa. They often exude this “cool kid” energy. “They can come off as very edgy and defiant of cultural trends,” says Bond, “but then at the same time, they have this trend-setter quality.” They’re essentially doing and wearing everything before it’s cool.

Physically and energetically, Aquarius risings can give off a feeling that they’re from another world. “They tend to be pretty tall people,” Witt offers — and they often have intense-looking faces. Whether it’s the eyes or something else, this rising sign generally has something striking about their appearance. “I like to describe Aquarius risings as the kind of face you get addicted to looking at, even if you're not sure why,” notes Bond. Think Aquarius ascendants Ian Somerhalder, George Clooney, Zendaya, and Audrey Hepburn.

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Aquarius Rising In Social Settings

Like their fellow air signs, Aquarius rising people are generally social people — even if they err on the awkward side. As they represent networking and humanity as a whole, they love conversing with a variety of personalities. “They know how to work a room, so they're usually pretty good at jumping from group to group,” Witt offers. “They're always ready to share something, they’re very good at having a weird conversation, and they definitely want to be able to see everything that's happening,” Witt continues. There’s no topic too obscure for these people to delve into — they probably already have an airtight opinion on it anyway.

While they’re a fixed sign, Aquarius risings are not necessarily going to be cliquey about their friendships. “They vibe with whoever they’re vibing with that day,” notes Mesa. They love surrounding themselves with worldly and spontaneous people who travel and hold a lot of wisdom. “When it comes to religion, belief systems, and philosophies, the more unconventional and eccentric you are with your beliefs, the more the Aquarius rising is going to want to get to know you,” she continues. Have a fresh take on alien conspiracy theories? They’ll be your new best friend.

Aquarius Rising Compatible Placements

When it comes to Aquarius rising compatibility, it’s hard to beat an Aquarius moon or Venus. Both will feel an automatic harmony with the ascendant. Leo placements are also destined to link up with Aquarius risings, as they share seventh house compatibility.

According to Mesa, having Venus or Mars placements in any air signs indicates a high level of compatibility with Aquarius risings. She especially emphasizes their connection with Libra placements. “There’s something automatic between Libra and Aquarius,” she tells Elite Daily.

While Scorpio doesn’t share element or polarity with Aquarius, Witt points to the magnetic attraction between the two fixed signs (often the case between square signs). “Scorpio is a sign that cannot escape Aquarius,” she notes. As two of the most misunderstood zodiacs, “they just love to be alone together,” Witt says.

How Do Aquarius Risings Flirt?

Aquarius risings are quick to get the ick from too much affection too soon. They generally would rather be friends first, and they’re not here for immediate clinginess. “They're sometimes not able to differentiate between a friend and someone they're interested in,” Witt says. They do like to flirt, but they often have the guard of friendship in place, lest anything get too mushy.

“You can't read into anything because even if they're complimenting you and showing interest, they could just want to be friends,” says Witt. That Saturn side loves to play the long game. “They really want to build that connection over time,” Witt explains.

It’s not a complete shot in the dark, however. Aquarius risings do have some tells when they’re into someone. “Often when they're flirting they'll be very goofy, and they will sometimes poke fun or make jokes,” Bond says. They might send you a random, funny, or off-the-wall text that you can’t help but laugh at. Or, they’ll show interest by asking you tons of questions, searching for some shared niche interest to discuss at length.

Aquarius Rising Careers

Aquarius risings will find deep fulfillment working in social justice, philanthropy, law, or in fields like science and technology. With Scorpio typically on their 10th house of career, these people are naturals at psychology and detective work as well. “Aquarius and Scorpio are the two signs of social justice, activism, and humanitarianism,” Bond says. “You often will see Aquarius risings getting involved in a nonprofit or something very progressive and trying to instate positive change.”

This placement is also known to love a good argument, making any field of persuasion their jam. “It could be politics, it could be writing ... it could be being a teacher or professor,” Bond says. “They have a gift for presenting things and using language in a way that's very influential.” Though they’re social, they’re also independent and like to do their own thing, so many of them prefer working from home under their own schedule. When allowed to contribute to collective progression — in whatever manner — the Aquarius rising will blossom.


Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach

Valerie Mesa, professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer

Indigo Selah-Jael Witt, astrologer and TikTok content creator focusing on interpreting the stars, spirituality, and pop culture

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