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Your October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope Is Looking Up Post-Mercury Rx

Let your independence take the spotlight.

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Clap your hands, fam, because you’ve survived yet another Mercury retrograde. With Libra season now in full swing, you can set your sights on your social life without having to worry about the misunderstandings and incorrect information that Mercury rx tends to bring. As a Venus-ruled air sign, Libra season is the perfect time to resolve conflict, bring people together, and connect via shared interests and ideas, but as a full moon in Aries culminates in the cosmos this week, you’ll be prompted to set your sights on your need for autonomy. Your October 3, 2022 weekly horoscope is about prioritizing your independence, while still making space for your relationships with others — and with Mercury now direct in Virgo, communicating this will be a walk in the park.

On Oct. 6, Mercury in Virgo will form a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying your thoughts, ideas, and communication methods, making it easier to be efficient and productive. Since Mercury is now direct in the sign of its exaltation, your mind is bound to feel clearer than ever, and with the support from Pluto, the planet of extremes, it’ll be incredibly easy to cross things off your to-do list.

On Oct. 9, the full moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries will illuminate the skies at 16 degrees, bringing a sense of personal assertion and independence to the forefront. While this energy is calling for every sign to assess their personal needs, it’ll still be important not to neglect your connections with others.

Here’s how every sign will be affected by this week’s astrology:

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Aries October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

It’s a big week for you, Aries, especially as a full moon in your sign illuminates the skies. On Oct. 9, you’ll feel more like yourself than you have since your season took place, but with a much different perspective in mind. Libra season’s been all about emphasizing interdependence in your life, but on this day, expect to be reintroduced to your need for personal autonomy. You’re someone who thrives on your own, and this full moon is a great reminder that in order to show up fully for others, you have to continue to put yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

Taurus October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On Oct. 9, the full moon in Aries will shine a light on your need for withdrawal and isolation, making this a great week to take some time for yourself. As a Venus-ruled sign, it’s essential that you create plenty of space for self-care, and as the full moon in this independent sign occurs, you’ll be reminded how important it is to put your needs first. Since you’re a social sign, this can be somewhat challenging, but trust me, you’ll feel better in the long run once you allow yourself the time to rest and recharge.

Gemini October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This week is far more chill than the past few, Gemini, because your chart ruler, Mercury, is finally direct after being retrograde the last several weeks. On Oct. 6, exalted Mercury will form a supportive trine to Pluto, intensifying your desire to be productive. It’s a great time to work on a DIY project at home, or organize a family gathering — anything that allows you to keep yourself busy. Just pace yourself, because this newfound surge in energy could very easily lead to burnout.

Cancer October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On Oct. 9, the full moon in Aries will culminate in your 10th house of career and public image, bringing forth revelations regarding your professional life. Important themes around how you can center your autonomy at work will likely be revealed. Since Libra season’s been placing plenty of emphasis on your home and family life, expect the need to establish a healthy work-life balance to be highlighted. As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, it’s essential that you carve out plenty of time to retreat into your shell, while still maintaining your boss status in the workplace.

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Leo October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

You’ve been absorbing plenty of newfound information as of late, Leo. On Oct. 9, you’ll be prompted to share your findings with those around you, as the full moon in Aries highlights your ninth house of spirituality. As a fellow fire sign, you’re always eager to spread knowledge and wisdom to those around you, and on this day, others are bound to be interested in your current perspectives and world views. Don’t hesitate to step into the limelight, because all eyes are bound to be on you either way.

Virgo October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

You’re finally out of the woods, Virgo, as your chart ruler, Mercury, speeds through the cosmos this week, bringing clear-headedness and productivity to the forefront. On Oct. 6, Mercury will form a trine to Pluto, emphasizing your ability to be efficient and get work done. It’s a great week to tackle any obligations you’ve been putting off, lend a helping hand, or reorganize your closet. Whatever allows you to use your detail-oriented eye is certain to be a good use of your time.

Libra October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

It’s been a busy season for you, Libra, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. As the full moon in Aries lights up your seventh house of relationships on Oct. 9, you’ll be prompted to consider how you’ve been prioritizing your independence within your relationships with others. As the partnership-oriented sign of the zodiac, boundaries in relationships aren’t always easy to maintain, but this week, you’re being reminded that you don’t have to sacrifice your independence for the sake of someone else. The people in your life should support your desire for autonomy, not interfere with it.

Scorpio October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On Oct. 9, the full moon in Aries will bring revelations to your sixth house of work, health, and routines, prompting you to make some necessary changes in these areas. You’ve been prioritizing self-care, but this week, you’ll be inclined to spring into action. As a fellow Mars-ruled sign, this energy is bound to be right up your alley, so put this energy boost to good use. Just be sure to take it easy, because Mars energy can easily lead to overexertion.

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Sagittarius October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

Prepare for a social week ahead, Sagittarius, because the full moon in Aries will have your calendar stacked with activities. On Oct. 9, this lunation will reveal important revelations regarding your creative pursuits and interests, making this an ideal week to engage in fun activities with friends or loved ones. As a fellow fire sign, you’re all about active energy, and this moon is full of it. Make time for independent pleasures too, since Aries is all about putting your needs first.

Capricorn October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On Oct. 6, Mercury in Virgo will form a supportive trine to Pluto in your first house, bringing intensity to your desire to be productive and efficient regarding your spiritual pursuits and belief systems. You’ve been collecting valuable information as of late, and this week is the perfect time to implement some of the wisdom you’ve accumulated. You also may feel inclined to share insight or advice with others, and your words are bound to pack a powerful punch.

Aquarius October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

It’s a week full of communication for you, Aquarius, as the full moon prepares to highlight your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on Oct. 9. Consider how you’ve been sharing your thoughts and opinions with others, especially as the independent thinker of the zodiac. Now that Mercury’s direct, it’ll be easier to get your point across, so speak your mind this week. People are listening to what you have to say.

Pisces October 3, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On Oct. 9, the full moon in Aries will highlight your money and resources, bringing emphasis to how you lean into your independence when it comes to your possessions. It’s a great week to take a look at your spending habits, as well as assess how much of your time and energy you’ve been giving away versus how much you’ve been keeping for yourself. As one of the empathetic signs of the zodiac, it’s important to remember that wanting to maintain a sense of autonomy when it comes to your resources doesn’t make you selfish, it’s a necessity. Put yourself first, Pisces, especially if things have been feeling one sided as of late.