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Your November 2023 Horoscope Is Equal Parts Motivating & Fun

This month will be full of surprises.

It’s Scorpio season, which means that everything is much deeper than it seems. That harmless crush you have? Suddenly a full-blown obsession after a couple late-night DMs. That promise you made to yourself to cut back on coffee for a week? You googled the pros and cons and decided to cut it off for good. All in all, your November 2023 horoscope may have you swinging from one fixation to the next, but it won’t be without its fun moments. In fact, by Sagittarius season, the mood of the month lightens, allowing you to mellow out just in time for Thanksgiving.

The Most Important Astrological Dates To Put In Your Calendar This November

  • Nov. 13: Scorpio new moon
  • Nov. 17: Sun-Mars cazimi in Scorpio
  • Nov. 22: Sagittarius season begins
  • Nov. 27: Gemini full moon

November 2023’s Astrological Overview Begins Gradually

The first major event of the month takes place on Nov. 13, as the sun and moon link up in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Though this new moon won’t be an eclipse, it will still spotlight some intense emotions since it’s ruled by Mars, which is also currently in its home sign of Scorpio. With an overwhelming presence of planets in the Scorpio-ruled house of every sign’s birth chart, there will be a strong desire to exercise determination, resilience, and self-control during this new moon. You may find yourself investing much of your time and energy into a plan or project that requires your unwavering focus and motivates you to dive in deep.

However, since the moon is considered to be in the sign of its fall, there may be a fear-based mindset co-existing with your fixated efforts. As you pursue new endeavors, make sure you’re not operating from a scarcity mindset or neglecting your innate needs. Accomplishing a goal shouldn’t require you to put your body or emotions on the back-burner.

On Nov. 17, the sun and Mars will meet at 25 degrees of Scorpio, creating a cazimi. A cazimi happens when a planet exactly conjoins the sun, which is said to be a period of renewal and rejuvenation for the planet in question. Mars cazimis take place every two years, and they signify a surge in motivation, momentum, and focus. This is especially relevant this year, since Mars is in its home sign. The last time a sun-Mars cazimi took place in Scorpio was in 1991, so you can expect the clarity around the goals and pursuits tied to the Scorpio-ruled house in your birth chart to be pretty impactful over the next two years.

The sun shifts into the buoyant, adventurous sign of Sagittarius by Nov. 22, pivoting the collective’s focal point to freedom, hope, and increased wisdom. As the mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius season promotes an abundance mindset and the desire to know and experience all that life has to offer. Instead of moving with slow, deliberate caution, there will be a surge in spontaneous behaviors that enlighten and inspire. If you’ve been weighed down by the heaviness that tends to come along with Scorpio season, expect to feel a strong sense of excitement and liberation as this season unfolds. Radical honesty also tends to be a symptom of Sagittarius season, so be mindful of the messages you choose to share. You may be more prone to speaking prematurely.

The month closes with a full moon in the curious, conversational sign of Gemini on Nov. 27, shedding light on unanswered questions and detailed discoveries. On this day, the desire to gain more information and insight on a particular topic will be illuminated. You may also come to find that you still have plenty to learn about a specific interest or concern, prompting you to research and educate yourself. Since Mercury’s the ruler of this full moon, it’ll be a useful time to engage in discussions with your peers. Remain teachable and open-minded so you’re able to walk away with a valuable shift in perspective.

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Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from November’s astrology:

Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 - April 19)

November begins with you doing a deep-dive into your shared resources, assets, and responsibilities, particularly during the Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13. As this new moon unfolds, you’ll be setting your sights on a new endeavor regarding your financial affairs. You may be paying off debts, or initiating a promising new opportunity to maximize your current resources. As this new chapter unfolds, you may be inclined to tighten your belt when it comes to what you’re investing in, but your selectivity promises to pay off in the long-run.

On Nov. 17, the sun and Mars, your chart ruler, conjoin in your eighth house, prompting the start of a powerful new beginning regarding your current obligations. New pursuits that revolve around investments are likely to ensue now, inviting you to make well-thought out decisions regarding your time, money, and energy. As the Mars-ruled fire sign of the zodiac, you tend to prefer to strike while the iron’s hot, but this transit invites you to slow down, and make financial decisions with caution. If you’ve been craving more security in this area, this transit is incredibly useful for increasing the self-discipline needed in order to achieve this.

You’ll be shifting your focus to adventurous new travels and experiences as the sun shifts into the hopeful sign of Sagittarius. During this season, you’ll be setting your sights on anything that brings you outside of your familiar environment. Journeys to new places, or widening your understanding around a specific topic or study. If you’ve been feeling a little stagnant, this season will re-ignite your lust for life.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon illuminates the thoughts, concepts, and ideas you’ve been ruminating over. Today, you’ll realize that much of the enlightenment that you’ve been craving is present in your immediate surroundings, through engaging in discussions with friends or relatives, or through exploring the nooks and crannies of your own neighborhood. Now, you won’t have to venture too far for mental stimulation, Aries. It exists all around you.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 19 - May 21)

Your romantic relationships and partnerships are a primary focus this month, and the Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13 ushers in new beginnings in this area. When it comes to your love affairs, you tend to move with slow, deliberate caution, and while this new moon signifies an opportunity to get closer to a special someone, you’ll still be hesitant to let your guard down. While you may be less forthcoming with your emotions, it’s a fortunate day for engaging in intimate encounters with others, Taurus. In order to receive the deep connections you crave, you’ll have to let others get close to you.

The sun and Mars conjoin in your seventh house of relationships by Nov. 17, resetting the ways you connect with others. During this rare conjunction, you’ll notice a significant shift in perspective when it comes to love and romance. This could mark the start of a new long-term relationship, or grant you sudden clarity regarding a current connection you’re apart of. While today’s energy is incredibly dynamic, you may not feel called to let anyone in on your plans for this area of your life just yet. When Mars is in Scorpio, action tends to speak louder than words.

On Nov. 22, the sun shifts into the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, shifting your focus to your intimate affairs, shared resources, and financial duties. During this season, your responsibilities will be met with an optimistic outlook, as you seek liberation through your assets. You may be paying off a remaining loan, freeing up some spending money, or offering assistance to a loved one in need. Either way, you’ll be feeling hopeful when it comes to what the future holds for your expenses.

As the month comes to a close, the Gemini full moon on Nov. 27 sheds light on the current state of your money, budget, and earnings. This full moon inspires you to get curious about your funds: are you satisfied with what you’re currently investing in? If not, how can you make the most of what’s currently in your possession? The solution may be as simple as a perspective shift, or an adjustment in your spending habits. Regardless of the changes you choose to make, your light-hearted mindset regarding this area of life will help you navigate these shifts with ease.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 22)

As the month opens, the Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13 offers a chance to re-assess your current habits, routines, and health regimens. Today, you’ll be motivated to implement more self-discipline into your day to day that supports your goals and ambitions. It’ll be easier to maintain a focus on productivity now, allowing you to tackle many of the tasks on your current to-do list. As a result, be mindful of over-exerting yourself for the sake of getting things done. Compromising your wellbeing won’t benefit you in the long-run.

The sun and Mars conjoin in your sixth house by Nov. 17, amplifying your energy and increasing your efficiency levels. As this cazimi plays out, you’ll also notice a heightened focus on your health, prompting you to take a new workout routine or change in diet more seriously. Since this cazimi marks the start of a new two-year cycle, you’ll notice a more acute focus towards the way you care for your body, and handle your day to day tasks.

On Nov. 22, the sun shifts into the open-minded sign of Sagittarius, illuminating the freedom you find in your romantic relationships and partnerships. During this season, you’ll be focused on engaging with people who inspire, motivate, and educate you. Now’s a time of increased socialization, allowing you to deepen your connections with those around you, and lean into the independence you seek in companionship.

On Nov. 27, the full moon in your sign sheds light on your personal desire for information and understanding. During this lunation, you’ll feel an increased desire to learn more about the topics that excite you, motivated by the relationships you’re currently a part of. While you’ve been absorbing a plethora of knowledge from your love life, today’s full moon spotlights your own separate opinions and identity. Relationships teach you plenty, but you’re your best resource.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 22 - July 20)

You’ll be setting your sights on new creative pursuits, hobbies, and interests as the Scorpio new moon takes place on Nov. 13. You’re passionate about the ways you choose to self-indulge, and as your sun and chart ruler the moon conjoin, you’ll be setting your sights on the things that make you feel good. It’s a fortunate day to focus your efforts on something that brings you joy, like a new artistic endeavor, or a new flame. Pouring your passion into something that intrigues you will be incredibly beneficial now.

On Nov. 17, the sun and Mars link up in your fifth house, motivating you to lock in on a new leisure activity or interest. Today, a new chapter begins in the area of pleasure, artistry, and pleasure, allowing you to turn over a new leaf here. This could be the start of a new chapter in your romantic affairs, or the beginning of a new passion project. Whatever has your attention now is likely to develop consistently over time, so be sure to direct your focus wisely.

The sun shifts into the adventurous sign of Sagittarius by Nov. 22, illuminating your current habits and health practices. As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, you prefer plenty of ebb and flow in your daily routines, and as this season unfolds, you’ll be paying closer attention to how you accomplish this. You may feel compelled to make some adjustments that better align with your need for a free-flowing regime, or abandoning a tendency that’s been restricting you now.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon sheds light on your subconscious mind, Cancer, and no topics will be off limits. All of your habits come from somewhere, and today, you’ll be curious about the current behaviors you take part in behind closed doors. Understanding the inner workings of your mind won’t happen overnight, but during this full moon, you’ll gain a better understanding of where some of these tendencies may stem from.

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Leo Zodiac Signs (July 20 - Aug. 21)

On Nov. 13, the sun, your chart ruler, and the moon link up in your fourth house, causing you to temporarily retreat into your private world. You’ll have an objective that you’re fixated on regarding your home and family matters that may prompt you to make pre-planned decisions that support your desire for security behind closed doors. While you may not be feeling particularly social today, it’s a fortunate time for focusing on affairs that tie to your ancestry or living environment.

On Nov. 17, your chart ruler and Mars will join forces in Scorpio, signifying driven new actions in your home that will continue to play out over the next two years. On this day, you’ll gain clarity around the desires you have for your home life. Long-term stability here is a main priority.

The sun will shift into optimistic Sagittarius on Nov. 22, illuminating your current hobbies, interests, and romantic affairs. You’ll feel incredibly spontaneous now, opening you up to a world of fun new experiences. Let loose and enjoy the freedom of this season and the adventures you find yourself involved in, as they’re promised to fulfill you more than ever now.

Your social life is buzzing, Leo, and Gemini full moon on Nov. 27 is the perfect time to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas in your community. You’re no stranger to being in the spotlight, and on this day, you can expect your current plans and ideas to be on full display to the social groups and alliances you’re a part of. It’s best to indulge in light-hearted discussions that allow you to toss ideas around with like-minded individuals, as long as you remain receptive and open-minded.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

A new chapter unfolds in your current interests, studies, and skills when the sun and moon conjoin in Scorpio on Nov. 13. You love getting to the bottom of things, and during this new moon, you’ll be laser-focused on a specific study that you’ve been inclined to sharpen. This is a fortunate time for gathering information – something you’re a natural at – but you may not be feeling eager to share what you discover just yet. Instead, today’s an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the particulars before discussing these topics in your community.

As the sun-Mars cazimi takes place on Nov. 17, you’ll gain sudden clarity around the topics and studies you’re interested in getting to the bottom of. You may find yourself tuning into a new podcast or picking up some learning materials that support your desire to know more. If you’ve been in a bit of a mental rut, expect to feel a newfound sense of direction today.

The sun shifts into the spontaneous, free-spirited sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, directing your focus to your home and family matters. This season tends to go against your typical desire for organization and routine, and prompts you to take more risks than usual – especially behind closed doors. You’ll be more inspired by your natural habitat this month, prompting you to make some off-the-cuff changes in this area. While you may be more withdrawn publicly, the stimulation from your domestic world promises to keep you satisfied.

As the Gemini full moon closes out the month by Nov. 27, your current thoughts, ideas, and opinions will be publicly sought after. You’re someone who always has a surplus of information, and now is the perfect time to showcase that mind of yours in your career and professional world. Colleagues and audiences are eager to hear what you have to say now, so don’t hesitate to grab the mic.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

Your focus this month will be mainly on your money and resources, particularly during the Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13. You tend to move with caution when it comes to your spending habits, and today’s new moon signifies a time when you’ll be feeling particularly deliberate with how you manage your possessions. Open a new savings account, or pursue financial opportunities that are trustworthy. This new moon is the perfect time to set yourself up for long-term security, just make sure that you’re not making decisions with a scarcity mindset, Libra.

On Nov. 17, the sun and Mars conjoin in the reserved sign of Scorpio, sparking a period of action regarding your personal investments and assets. If you’ve been in need of a refocusing regarding your financial goals, expect to feel a surge in self-discipline now. Set some intentions around what you desire for your resources now, Libra, and watch how they come to fruition in the next two years.

The sun shifts into the optimistic sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, illuminating your current ideas, skills, and immediate environment. You’ll feel inspired to explore the world around you this month, even if you don’t end up going too far. Keep an open mind this month, because you’ll be engaging in plenty of free-flowing conversations as the sun travels through this sign.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon invites you to explore your current beliefs and philosophies. While you may have some unanswered questions, this full moon is all about exploring the ideas and perspectives that peak your interest, even if the answers are still unknown. If you’ve been eager to explore a new spiritual endeavor, now is a great time to hit the books. There’s an abundance of ways you’ll be feeling mentally stimulated this month, so feel free to explore the studies that peak your interest now to the fullest.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

You’re the main character this month, Scorpio, and as the Nov. 13 new moon takes place in your first house, the start of a new chapter for your personal identity ensues. It’s a fortunate day for focusing more on self-development, or any personal matters that demand your undivided attention. Any solo projects you’re focusing on now are bound to fully consume you, but you may not be ready to share these things with the world just yet. However, in due time, you’ll feel ready to share these new parts of yourself with the world.

On Nov. 17, your chart ruler, Mars, joins the heart of the sun, offering a period of personal renewal and clarity around your current goals and ambitions. Expect to receive a surge in energy, and heightened motivation that plunges you into new pursuits. Distractions are now behind you, and it’ll be easier to lock in on what it is that you want to accomplish. Consider this a rebirth, Scorpio.

The sun shifts into the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, illuminating your current resources, possessions, and valuables. You’ll be seeking ways to enjoy the fruits of your labor in spontaneous ways, and considering the potential of what you currently have. It’s a time for heightened inspiration, and an opportunity to consider different ways of using your money to create the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon asks you to get curious about the boundaries within your intimate connections with others. As someone whose familiar with helping others with their problems, you’ll be considering what responsibilities you feel comfortable taking on. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your loved ones, Scorpio, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Whether it’s your time, money, or energy, now is the perfect time to consider how much you’re giving away, and what you have left for yourself.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 19)

The sun and moon link up in cautious Scorpio on Nov. 13, signifying the beginning of an introspective season for you. While you tend to be on the go, this month, you’ll be more concerned with getting to the bottom of your habits and practices. If you’ve been engaging in habits that promote self-sabotage, today’s the chance to go cold turkey. You’ll be more prone to making extreme adjustments today to your habits and practices today, so try your best to be as gentle as you can with yourself.

The sun and Mars cazimi takes place in your 12th house by Nov. 17, prompting you to change any habits or tendencies that may be working against you. If you’ve been struggling with self-discipline, you’ll feel more capable of refraining from things that do you no good. As a result, it’s a fortunate time to set your sights on better, more supportive practices now.

On Nov. 22, the sun shifts into Sagittarius, thrusting you into the spotlight once again. The desire to withdraw from the world subsides today as you experience a surge in energy! You’ll be feeling motivated to explore the world around you, as a form of self-discovery. This season illuminates your personal journey, and encourages you to focus on what inspires and liberates you.

The Gemini full moon on Nov. 22 is inviting you to ask questions and get curious, particularly about your romantic relationships. Your connections with others have the ability to teach you some important lessons, so try to remain open-minded and receptive when engaging in conversations today. The information that’s being shared is also likely to be useful, so be sure to take notes.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 19 - Jan. 20)

As your month unfolds, the Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13 ignites a new chapter in your friendships and alliances. You’re typically selective about who you call a friend, but this new moon signifies a new connection developing. While you may still be proceeding with caution, you’ll feel more compelled to open yourself up to new opportunities to build a safer, more supportive community for yourself.

By Nov. 17, the sun-Mars cazimi in your 11th house offers a renewed sense of ambition and energt when it comes to meeting like-minded individuals. While many of these new relationships may take their time to develop, you’ll begin to notice more activity in your social life as this cazimi plays out. Now is the time to act on any goals you have for your friendships, Scorpio — don’t hesitate to get a little vulnerable.

The sun shifts into the adventurous sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, signifying a brief period of withdrawal and seclusion for you. Anytime you’re feeling the need to unplug from the world around you, it signifies the start of a new journey of self-discovery you’ll be starting behind closed doors. While you’re known for being pretty composed, your alone time truly allows you to break free from the typical “rules” you follow, and this season is the perfect time to break some of those practices.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon illuminates your current habits, regimens, and rituals. You’ll be feeling compelled to increase your productivity now, but rather than taking physical action, you’ll be rethinking how you make the most of your time, effort and energy. You may realize something important about your current routine, prompting you to make a pivotal change. Regardless, adjustments made today will help you gain a better understanding of how to regulate your daily schedule.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19)

The sun and moon conjoin in the private-oriented sign of Scorpio on Nov. 13, sparking new beginnings in your career and professional life. This signifies a potential new job change, or a shift in your workload. You’ll be motivated by success and accomplishments in your professional life now, making this a fortunate time for setting your sights on a new career goal.

By Nov. 17, the sun-Mars cazimi in Scorpio brings new motivation to your occupation and career goals. If you’ve been in need of an energy boost when it comes to your work, expect to be fully rejuvenated during this conjunction. You may be setting your sights on a new business venture, or at the start of a new role at work. Regardless, you’ll be feeling eager to move things forward in this area.

The sun shifts into spontaneous Sagittarius by Nov. 22, shifting focus to the freedom that your friendships and social life offers. This season, you’ll be encouraged to surround yourself with people who are keen on adventures, making this a fortunate time to do activities with your friends that promote your need for spontaneity in your life. You may also find that your role in your community is highlighted now, inspiring you to liberate and share wisdom with those around you.

By the month’s end, you’ll be ready to have some fun, Aquarius, and the Nov. 27 Gemini full moon is the perfect opportunity to explore an array of different pleasures and hobbies. As someone who prioritizes self-discipline, you’re careful not to lean too far into chaos, but on this day, it’s time to prioritize play. Explore the ways you like to enjoy yourself, even if these endeavors don’t have an end goal or outcome. Enjoying what each moment has to offer is much better than worrying about the future, so be sure to embrace the different creative pursuits your mind’s occupied with now.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 20 - March 20)

The Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13 invites new beginnings into your spiritual journey, motivating you to expand your horizons and seek increased knowledge and wisdom. On this day, you’ll be eager to dig deep into the belief systems and values that are reliable and trustworthy. Plan a trip, or attend a class that supports your desire for heightened intelligence today, Pisces. Anything that requires you to do some deep contemplating.

On Nov. 17, the sun-Mars cazimi inspires new pursuits in your ninth house of voyages, teachings, and spirituality. Today, you’ll be feeling motivated to learn more about topics that intrigue you. You’ll also be driven to switch up your routines, and step out of your comfort zone a bit. This energy may also inspire you to take an interest more seriously, something you’re likely to see evolve over the next two years.

The sun shifts into the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, inspiring you to place yourself front and center in your current profession and career endeavors. This season, you’ll be motivated to find liberation through your vocation, whether that be through recent work you’ve completed, or through a career shift. Prioritize work that supports your dreams this month! Many of your career goals will start to feel possible now.

On Nov. 27, the Gemini full moon is inviting you to ask yourself some important questions regarding your home and family life. It’s essential that this area of your life keeps you mentally stimulated, so if you’re feeling restless, it’s time to make some changes. Occupy yourself with a new home decor project, or invite relatives over for a social night in – anything that allows you to switch things up within the comfort of your own home. You soak up the vibes of any environment you’re placed in like a sponge, so use today to make sure that it revitalizes you, and you’ll be able to carry that energy with you wherever you go.