Princess Diana in a red dress

Elite Daily Newsletter: September 23, 2022

When it's time to break up with someone you love, Princess Di's best revenge looks, and more.

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“I Love My Boyfriend, But Is It Time To Break Up?”

You could read the latest installment of our advice column, or you can just look at this throwback Britney Spears photo. But seriously, is there any worse feeling than loving someone and knowing that you don’t have a future together? It’s an awful place to be in, and a tricky one to navigate. Luckily, we have some helpful insight for you. READ MORE

We’re Getting BTS Looks At S2 Of And Just Like That

It’s fitting that this is happening on the eve of my own trip to Paris, but I am not going there to scatter my dead husband’s ashes in the Seine (I mean, not yet anyway!!!). We know a few things for certain about what the next season of this mildly-cursed show will entail. One of them is that Aidan is possibly returning, and the other is that Che Diaz is definitely returning. READ MORE


How The September New Moon Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign

With Libra season in full swing, the need to restore justice and harmony is a top priority, which feels pretty difficult to achieve considering that we are STILL in the middle of Mercury retrograde. But since this new moon is also in Libra, it will reinstate balance in the life of every zodiac sign — so be prepared for some pretty big shifts on the horizon. READ MORE

Princess Diana’s Best Revenge Outfits

Look, no one served “petty, but make it classy” looks better than the late princess of Wales. After her divorce from Charles, she was finally able to come into her own, sartorially speaking, and gave us a mood board for the rest of our lives. If social media was a thing in the ‘90s, I guarantee you that any of these looks would have “broken the internet.” READ MORE