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This Month’s New Moon In Libra Is Bringing Balance To Your Life

Harmony will finally be restored.

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I don’t know about you, but I can sense some major changes coming. With Libra season in full swing, not only is love in the crisp, fall air, but the need to restore justice and harmony is a top priority, which means pretty big shifts are on the horizon for every zodiac sign. Libra season is all about realigning the parts of your life that have been off-center, and the upcoming new moon is granting you the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf. As the September 2022 new moon in Libra prepares to take center stage, it will reinstate balance in the life of every zodiac sign where things have potentially felt one-sided or out of order. (Mercury retrograde, I blame you.)

When Is The September 2022 New Moon In Libra?

Taking place in a cardinal air sign on Sept. 25 at 5:55 p.m. EST, this new moon has a light-hearted, social vibe to it, so it’s bound to emphasize flirty new connections and dynamics with others. Opposing Jupiter retrograde in Aries, there’s a sense of optimism and hopefulness pertaining to new beginnings now, but the results may be delayed because of the retrograde nature of Jupiter. Since Libra is a sign all about fairness and equality, there’s a strong desire to relate and connect with others now, but it’s important that you don’t abandon your autonomy as a result.

Here’s what every sign can expect from this month’s new moon:

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Aries: Your Romantic Relationships Are Being Highlighted

This is an important new moon for you, Aries, but not in the way you might think. As the sun and moon link up in Libra on Sept. 25, your relationships will experience new beginnings, prompting you to lean into the interdependence of this season. As Libra’s sister sign, you’ll be encouraged by this lunation to center the qualities you may otherwise easily overlook; it can teach you a lot about how to lean into your connections with others instead of overly relying on yourself. This isn’t necessarily a time to flex your independence, but rather engage in activities that require you to partner up with someone. There’s strength in numbers, even for you.

Taurus: Your Habits And Routines Are Being Renewed

On Sept. 25, the new moon in Libra will reinstate balance and harmony to your rituals and routines, prompting you to assess how you can continue to emphasize pleasure in your day-to-day life. As a fellow Venusian, you’re all about prioritizing self-care, but it’s important that you find balance in this area of your life. In order for you to be productive, you need to set aside time to relax, socialize, and indulge afterward, and this lunation is reinforcing that. Don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and get to work today, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself once the work is done.

Gemini: Your Passion Projects Are A Major Focal Point

As a fellow air sign, Libra season tends to highlight all of your favorite things: socializing, connections, and flirting, to name a few, and this lunation will double down on these themes on Sept. 25. Taking place in your fifth house, there are new beginnings initiating when it comes to your creative pursuits, making this an ideal day to start a fun new project or artistic endeavor. It’s also the perfect day to lean into your social, chatty nature, particularly amongst your friend group or in your love life. You’ll be buzzing with mental stimulation, so just be sure to soak it up, social butterfly.

Cancer: Your Home And Family Life Will Experience Shifts

On Sept. 25, the sun and moon (aka your ruling planet) will link up in the harmonious, balance-oriented sign of Libra, bringing forth the urge to reinstate balance and harmony in your home, as well as amongst your family. As the crab of the zodiac, it’s essential that you have a safe place to call home, and on this day, you’ll be inspired to revamp your living space so that it’s comfortable and cozy. It’s a great time to host a gathering in your home, or head to your family’s place for a nice dinner — anything that allows you to connect with others while in a familiar setting is a perfect way to spend this new moon.

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Leo: Your Thoughts And Ideas Are Shifting

As the sun and moon align in your third house on Sept. 25, you’ll be inspired to share newfound thoughts and ideas with those around you. It’s a great day to attend a social event that allows you to mingle and meet new people, as well as engage in plenty of mentally stimulating conversations. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to enroll in a workshop or start a podcast, today’s the day, Leo, so don’t hesitate to focus all of your energy on learning new things or sharing what you know with others. Your words are bound to be well-received now.

Virgo: Money And Resources Will Be Top Priority

On Sept. 25, the sun and moon will join forces in your second house, bringing forth the need for balance in your finances. If your spending habits have recently been out of whack, now is a great time to sit down and map out a budget. Just be sure to leave some space for pleasure, Virgo. It’s essential that you treat yourself from time to time. While your generosity is admirable, it’s important to consider today how what you’ve been giving out has been reciprocated by others. If this is an area that also seems out of alignment, it may be time to assess necessary boundaries here too.

Libra: You’re Experiencing The Start Of A New Chapter

It’s your season, Libra, which means you’re bound to feel this new moon more than anyone else. As the sun and moon link up in your first house of self on Sept. 25, you’ll experience new beginnings pertaining to your identity and personal expression. You’re someone who’s all about partnership, connection, and pleasure, and on this day, you’re bound to pursue these themes more than usual. It’s a good time to consider how you’re prioritizing your own needs today, especially as someone who tends to people please. Don’t hesitate to use this new moon as a self-care day, Libra. This season is all about you.

Scorpio: Inner Reflection Is On The Agenda

On Sept. 25, the sun and moon will congregate in your 12th house, bringing new beginnings to how you practice self-care behind closed doors. As a pretty private person by nature, you find a lot of pleasure from your solitude, Scorpio, and now is the perfect time to withdraw and reflect on how you can maintain healthy balance here. Just remember that alone time doesn’t always have to be so extreme. You can spend time alone with someone you feel safe with, rather than shutting yourself away. You’ll definitely need your rest now, though, because your season’s right around the corner.

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Sagittarius: Your Social Groups Are Experiencing Some Shifts

As the sun and moon conjoin in the social sign of Libra on Sept. 25, you’ll notice new beginnings ensue amongst your friendships and alliances, centering around establishing balance, harmony, and connection. It’s a great day to meet new people, or spend time with the friends you currently have — anything that allows you to socialize with others. Disagreements and conflict are nowhere to be found now, so if you’ve been waiting on the perfect time to mend any fences, it’s a great time to do so.

Capricorn: New Career Opportunities Are Being Revealed

On Sept. 25, the sun and moon will bring forth new beginnings related to your career and professional life, offering opportunities for you to embark on new collaborations or group projects. If you’ve been sitting on an idea, now is the perfect time to share it with others — eyes are bound to be on you now, anyway. You also may find yourself seeking balance and harmony in your career now, so be sure to consider what your work versus play dynamic currently looks like. If things have been out of alignment here, it’s a great day to make some necessary adjustments.

Aquarius: Spiritual Growth Is On The Horizon

As a fellow air sign, you’re bound to enjoy the fluid energy of the September new moon in Libra, especially when it comes to your current spiritual and knowledge-seeking pursuits. It’s a great time to prioritize broadening your mind, whether it be through travel, buying new books, or joining a yoga class with a friend. Anything that allows you to connect to others via shared interests is a great way to use this new moon energy, so don’t hesitate to voice your perspectives and beliefs now.

Pisces: It’s The Perfect Time To Set Boundaries

On Sept. 25, the new moon in Libra will bring forth new beginnings regarding the boundaries you have in place in your relationships, especially when it comes to money and resources. Where have you been drawing the line between your responsibilities and the responsibilities of others, Pisces? As a water sign, it can be difficult separating yourself from the emotions of others, but on this day, it’ll be much easier to reinforce balance. Don’t hesitate to draw some lines in the sand now, Pisces, you’ll benefit from it in the long run.