Young woman who's luck is about to change when Jupiter retrogrades on July 28, 2022.

Jupiter Retrograde Is Here To Change Your Zodiac Sign's Luck

Your journey to self-discovery starts July 28.

by Valerie Mesa
Elite Daily

Lucky, bountiful and prosperous, the essence of Jupiter could feel larger than life itself, as it is symbolic of one’s blessings, spiritual wisdom, and opportunities for expansion. The Greater Benefic (the largest planet in our solar system) stations retrograde for about four months each year, and it’s about time for Jupiter retrograde 2022 to commence.

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Dates

Jupiter will begin its backwards journey through Aries on July 28, before reentering Pisces on Oct. 27 and stationing direct in the same sign on Nov. 23. Hint: Where have you been inhibiting yourself from expanding and broadening your horizons? It’s time to go within, and reflect on your path moving forward.

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