Princess Diana's best fashion moments after separating from Prince Charles

Princess Diana’s Fashion After Separating From Charles Was Daring AF

Revenge is best served cold, but Di made it hot.

Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

All the recent talk of royal fashion serves as a reminder that the royal family’s biggest fashion It Girl will always be the late Princess Diana. Her looks were legendary, especially after separating from now-King Charles III, and her ‘fits are still referenced by royalty and A-listers alike.

Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

Princess Diana’s post-Charles style was largely defined by its rejection of the unwritten, but oft-mentioned, royal family's fashion rules. Join me on a stroll down memory lane through photos of Princess Diana’s most daring fashion moments as a separated wife and later divorcée.

Alberto Pizzoli/Sygma/Getty Images