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Meghan Markle wore earrings gifted to her by Queen Elizabeth to Queen Elizabeth's state funeral.

All The Ways Meghan Markle’s Funeral Outfit Paid Tribute To The Queen

The duchess followed royal protocol down to the letter.


Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and her daughter, Princess Charlotte weren’t the only royals to honor Queen Elizabeth II with special jewelry during the late monarch’s state funeral on Monday, Sept. 19. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, also donned jewelry that paid tribute to the queen in a special way. While Middleton’s jewelry once belonged to the queen and Princess Charlotte’s brooch honored one of Elizabeth’s II favorite hobbies, Markle’s small pearl and diamond stud earrings were gifted to her by Queen Elizabeth II back in 2018. Apart from these special earrings, Markle appeared to only be wearing a simple cuff bracelet on one wrist and her wedding ring. By allowing the earrings to stand out, Markle seemed to emphasize how important they were to her and, by association, how important the queen was to her as well.

Markle’s been seen wearing these earrings before. In fact, she wore this very pair to one of her first events as Prince Harry’s wife and her first event alongside the queen, a ceremony for the opening of a new bridge in Cheshire. Elizabeth was also wearing a similar pair of earrings, which suggests that the late monarch favored this style, making Markle’s choice to wear them that much more meaningful.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Compared to the rest of the royal family, Markle’s jewelry was quite understated, but her choice of accessories still made an impact, especially since Markle is a non-working royal and, as such, doesn’t have the same access to the royal jewels as full-time royals like Middleton. Full-time royals can, for important functions, choose from an extensive collection of tiaras, earrings, and necklaces dripping with pearls, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Basically, it’s Rent the Runway for the world’s most priceless jewels.

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

While her earrings had the most obvious significance, the rest of her ensemble showed the duchess’s respect for the crown. Although she isn’t a working royal, Markle followed royal protocol when it came to her mourning attire. Her wide-brimmed hat was designed by Stephen Jones Millinery for Dior and didn’t feature any extra adornments or embellishments. She wore all black, which is traditional, and her Stella McCartney cape dress has a modest hemline suited for the solemn occasion. MSNBC noted that Markle wore the same dress in navy blue to the queen’s 92nd birthday party in 2018.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only were fans thrilled to see a cape moment, but they were also impressed by Markle’s overall poise and grace, given the turbulent relationship she has with the firm. She may not be a full-time working member of the royal family, but fans felt that Markle was serving iconic style.

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