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Princess Charlotte’s Horseshoe Brooch Is Warming The Internet’s Cold Heart

She honored her great-grandmother's love of horses.


The Prince and Princess of Wales brought their two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Westminster Abbey for the late queen’s official state funeral. As was the case during Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, the internet can be weirdly critical of royal children, so when Princess Charlotte started trending on Twitter on Sept. 19 during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, I feared the worst, but discovered something sweet. Princess Charlotte wore a horseshoe brooch to her great-grandmother’s funeral as a tribute to the Queen’s love of horses, and the internet thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever.

The little horseshoe brooch isn’t like what we’ve seen before when it comes to the royal family wearing jewelry to honor Queen Elizabeth during this period of mourning. It is, however, a meaningful way for a girl to honor her great-grandmother’s well-known love of horses. It was small, tasteful, and even though it was difficult to see in photos, Twitter noticed Princess Charlotte’s horseshoe brooch right away.

Some folks were quick to zero on the little accessory, calling it the seven-year-old’s “first significant piece of jewelry,” while others simply admired the little princess’s poise during this difficult time. Funerals are hard enough for adults and Princess Charlotte carried herself like royalty, which, duh, of course.

Peter Byrne - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Here’s what else Twitter had to say about Charlotte’s brooch, outfit, and general cuteness:

In addition to her horseshoe brooch, Princess Charlotte was dressed in similar mourning attire as the rest of the royal family. Her coat dress looks almost like a miniature replica of her mother’s coat dress. Both Kate Middleton and Charlotte wore black coat dresses with full, pleated skirts in a knee-brushing midi-length.

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Like her mother, Charlotte also wore a black, velvet hat. In place of a veil, Charlotte’s hat featured a simple black ribbon. While the design of the hat is low-key, Twitter seemed determined to give Charlotte’s hat almost as much love as they gave to her horseshoe brooch.

While who’s wearing what is never the point of a funeral, when you’re a member of the royal family, all eyes are always on you. At just seven years old, Charlotte carried herself with poise and grace under pressure — and it didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter.