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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 26, 2022

Tom Brady's awkward comment amid his divorce rumors, how to channel Scorpio season energy in your love life, and more.

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Tom Brady’s "Adversity" Quote Is Pretty Awkward Considering Divorce Rumors

We have a new piece of drama in the ever-unfolding saga of the rumored Tom Brady-Gisele Bündchen divorce. First, Gisele left a shady comment on an IG, and now Tom is on a radio show talking about “adversity” and “challenges” in what people are speculating is a not-so-thinly-veiled way of referencing his marriage. READ MORE

Kim's Latest Wellness Practice Might Actually Be Worth Copying

No, it’s not eating poop. But it is still unappealing, which writer Celina Khorma elaborated on: “I mean, this is a woman with all the resources in the world at her fingertips, and yet she chose to freeze her butt off in cold water. What gives?” So, Celina tried it out at the very place Kim goes, and wrote down all her thoughts about the process — and the surprising results. READ MORE


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How To Harness Scorpio Season Energy For Your Love Life

If you know any Scorpios, you probably understand how intense they can be (hello, those water signs are alllll about emotion). But the gift of Scorpio season is that it reminds us to embrace what lies beneath the surface, whether it’s a secret crush or a dream career you haven’t told anyone about. And it’s *also* a perfect time to reflect on your love life, relationships, and what brings you pleasure. Here’s how. READ MORE

This Is What Taylor Meant When She Sang About A “Moonstone Aura”

“But some guy said my aura’s moonstone, Just ’cause he was high,” Taylor Swift sings in her new Midnights track “Bejeweled.” Naturally, we wanted to know if there’s some truth to the idea that Swift’s aura could be considered moonstone. To find out, Elite Daily tapped psychic and aura-seer extraordinaire Mystic Michaela to spill the Swif-tea. READ MORE


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