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Alex Bordyukov and Victoria Fuller

Are You Really A Part Of Bachelor Nation If You Don't Remember Alex?

The BIP Season 8 cast member goes way back in the franchise.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

This season of Bachelor In Paradise has marked the return of some OG Bachelor Nation faves. From Lace Morris to Danielle Maltby, contestants from years prior are showing up ready for another chance at love. The latest addition to the beach: Alex Bordyukov, whom fans probably best know from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette.

Alex arrived as part of the new group of guys to join the beach on Split Week. He, along with Tyler Norris, Rick Leach, Olu Onajide, and Adam Todd, got to spend time at a resort with the women separately from the original group of guys back on the beach. This format, a first for BIP, has seriously shaken things up — throwing a wrench in the strong connections formed during the first few weeks of the season.

Once at the resort, Alex caught the eye of Victoria Fuller, despite her initial hesitation to date anyone new. “I’m excited about you,” she told him on their dinner date. “I feel like we’re able to connect in a way that is very different from most people.” Time will tell if their connection is enough to upend her relationship that she formed on the beach with Johnny DePhillipo, but for now, Alex is certainly causing a stir. And based on his history with Bachelor Nation, that’s not a huge surprise.

Alex Bordyukov’s Bachelor Nation Journey

In 2017, Alex competed for Rachel Lindsay’s heart on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, where he made it to Week 6. He then competed on Bachelor in Paradise Australia Season 2 in 2019, followed by Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 1. Alex has made a name for himself for his stellar sense of style, and his Instagram indicates he’s done some modeling in the past.

Alex Bordyukov’s Real Job

Alex lives in Gross Pointe, Michigan, and works as an informations system supervisor at Sutton Leasing, a vehicle leasing service. He holds a BS in accounting from Wayne State University and previously worked at the university as a strength and conditioning coach.

Alex Bordyukov’s Instagram

Alex’s Instagram (@alex_bordy) is full of snapshots of his travels, outdoor adventures, drone photography, and life as an uncle to a very cute baby. He’s also been posting about his latest stint on Paradise.

Alex Bordyukov Facts

As a longtime member of the franchise, Alex has had the spotlight on him for a while now. He made plenty of fans on Rachel’s season, and Rachel’s now-husband (and final rose winner) Bryan Abasolo even cited Alex as his pick for the Bachelor after Rachel’s season ended. “[Rachel and I] actually agree on this one,” Abasolo told People in 2017. We think it should be Alex [Bordyukov]. He’s got a very quirky personality. I’m sure you saw the pants throughout the season, the jackets, the pants. But he’s a really smart guy, good-looking dude.”

Alex has maintained a relationship with Rachel and Bryan; he even attended their 2019 wedding in Cancun. He’s also good friends with Dean Unglert and has posted quite a few IGs with him over the years.

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