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Danielle Maltby from 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

BIP's New Arrival Has A Long History In Bachelor Nation

She *also* has some history with Michael A...


When one door closes in Paradise, another is always ready to open. It looks like that might be the case for Michael Allio, who recently ended things with Sierra Jackson, but might have a new relationship on the horizon. There’s a new arrival on the beaches of Bachelor In Paradise: Danielle Maltby. Not only does she have a long history in Bachelor Nation, but she also has some history with Michael, which could point to a future for the two of them as a couple.

Danielle is no stranger to Bachelor Nation, or all the drama circling it. She’s been involved in the franchise since 2017 when she was a contestant on The Bachelor, and she runs in Bachelor Nation social circles. And it appears to be thanks to those social circles that she got to know Michael. They never met in person before Paradise, Michael said on the show, but they must have become friendly on social media after Micahel joined the Bachelor Nation community.

Now that they’re both in Paradise, though, there’s the chance for that friendship to turn into something more. Danielle and Michael have quite a bit in common, so there’s a strong possibility for romance there. Here’s everything to remember about Danielle as she begins another journey to find love on BIP Season 8.

Danielle Maltby’s Bachelor Nation History

Danielle first became a part of Bachelor Nation as a contestant in Season 21 of The Bachelor, when Nick Viall was the lead. She made it to Week 7 of that season but was sent home after a pretty dramatic dinner date.

After that, Danielle joined the cast of BIP Season 4, which is where she formed a connection with Wells Adams. That didn’t last, though, (obviously!) and Danielle left after only the second week. But that did kick off a friendship that led to Danielle attending Wells’ 2022 wedding to Sarah Hyland. Cute!

Danielle Maltby’s Real Job

Danielle works as a registered nurse. She’s currently an aesthetic nurse for a cosmetic surgery practice called Image Surgical Arts. Before that, she worked as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 12 years, which inspired her to begin her podcast The WoMed, which is “a space to discuss, debate, and celebrate all things women in medicine.

Danielle Maltby’s Instagram

Danielle is pretty active on Instagram, posting lots of brand partnerships and photos documenting her life as a nurse and podcaster. She also posts about her travels, her tight-knit family, and her recent 37th birthday.

Danielle Maltby Facts

Before Danielle went on The Bachelor, she was engaged, but her fiancé died of an apparent drug overdose. She recently posted about her journey with grief on Instagram, in a post that Michael liked. For his part, Michael has discussed how he lost his wife to cancer, and so the loss of a loved one is something that likely connects the two of them.

Danielle is also an advocate for mental health and recently celebrated her one-year anniversary of beginning therapy.

After Danielle’s first stint in Paradise, she dated Paulie Calafiore from the MTV reality show The Challenge. However, they broke up in 2018 after he allegedly cheated on her with his Challenge co-star Cara Maria Sorbello. Hopefully she has better luck with romance this season on BIP.

Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.