I Have The Job You Want

When you declare your college major, there's no box you can check to become a professional cat cuddler, ice cream taste tester, or cat video maker. Heck, you probably never even believed those kinds of careers could exist — but they do.

In Elite Daily's new series, I Have The Job You Want, we're bringing you all the details on what it's like to work in some of the most ridiculous, unbelievable, and totally envy-inducing fields you never thought possible. These are #careergoals, for real.

You Really Can Make Cat Videos For A Living & Here's How One Woman Does It

By Alexandra Svokos
We've all seen cat videos on YouTube and on social media. Afton Tasler makes cat videos for a living. But she doesn't film her house cat chilling on her couch — she films tigers, lions, bobcats, leopards, cougars, lynxes, and other exotic cats for…