The McRib's 2022 return date means you can get it so soon.

The McRib's 2022 Return Date Means You Can Get It So Soon

Your favorite fall tradition is back.

October has been a seriously busy month for McDonald’s with the success of the Cactus Plant Flea Market box and the exciting return of the Halloween Happy Meal Pails. But Mickey D’s is about to (literally) have even more on its plate — the brand announced the McRib is coming back once again, and the return date of the popular menu item means you can get it so soon. And this time, you’re gonna want to get it as soon as you can, because it might be the last time you ever get your hands on the classic McRib. No, really.

You might want to start gathering your napkins now, because the McRib will be back on Oct. 31, which means you’ll be munching on the menu item before you know it. The McRib has been around longer than most of you reading this have been alive: the sandwich debuted in 1980, and features a McRib Pork Patty covered in tangy McRib Sauce on a homestyle bun with dill pickle slices and onions. The beloved (by some — it can be divisive) rib sandwich hits participating stores on Halloween, but it might turn out to be more trick than treat, because the grand return is going to be a lot more bittersweet this time around.

According to a tweet from the official McDonald’s Twitter account on Oct, 24, the McRib is gearing up for a farewell tour, which means this reissue of the tasty barbecue bite could be its last.

Now that the countdown has begun, you’re probably wondering how long the McRib will be available. Here’s what you need to know about the sandwich’s farewell tour, and what it could mean for the fate of your favorite bite.

How Long Will The McRib Be Available?

This post on the McDonald’s website previously indicated that the sandwich would be gone by Nov. 20, but the link has apparently been updated to remove the date so it’s unclear just how long you’ll have before the BBQ bite is gone. Either way, the sandwich likely won’t stick around for long, so it’s probably best to get yours while you can. The McRib will be available for order in stores as well as delivery via the McDonald’s app.

Though it seems like this is the beginning of the end for the McRib, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. In a post announcing the McRib farewell tour, McDonald’s wrote, “Like any true farewell tour, we’re hoping this isn’t a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later.’ Because as our McRib stans have experienced time and time again: you never know when — or if — the McRib is coming back.” The company also mentioned the McRib has been a major part of the McDonald’s fall menu for the last three years, so fingers crossed the company already has plans for a comeback tour up its sleeves.

If you’re having a hard time saying goodbye, you can show your love for the McRib with some limited-edition merch, which includes a collection of throwback goodies that’s just as nostalgic as the sandwich itself. The McRib merch will be available for purchase on the McDonald’s merch website at 11 a.m. ET on Nov. 4 with prices starting at 99 cents. But just like the sandwich that inspired the merch, it won’t last forever.

All good things must come to an end, and it looks like the McRib is no exception. Make sure you get yours while you can when it comes back on Oct. 31.