Here's when the McRib is coming back to McDonald's in 2021.

Yess, The McRib Is Coming Back And It Can't Happen Soon Enough

Thank you McD’s, this year really needed a bright spot.

Courtesy of McDonald's

The ultimate bite is coming back for cozy season. That’s right, it’s McRib season, and fans will want to mark their calendars because the legendary sandwich will start appearing at McDonald’s locations again soon. Get ready to grab all the sandwiches you can before they’re gone because here’s when the McRib is coming back in 2021.

McDonald’s announced the return of the fan-favorite McRib in an Instagram and Twitter post on Thursday, Sept. 30. “Mark ur calendars,” the chain captioned the IG post alongside a snapshot of the sandwich and its tweet. “nobody: me: i think it’s time to bring the McRib back 11.1,” the tweet reads, revealing the official date for the McRib’s seasonal debut. Starting on Nov. 1, you’ll be able to get the McRib at participating McDonald’s locations nationwide for a limited time. The sandwich will be available any way you order McDonald’s — through carry-out, Drive-Thru, the McDonald’s App, or McDelivery. Plus, if you’re a member of the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, you’ll score points for each dollar you spend, including on your McRib quota.

According to a press release sent to Elite Daily, the return date marks the iconic bite’s 40th anniversary, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate the bite.

The McRib first appeared on the McDonald’s menu in 1981 as a regional bite in Kansas City, Kansas, and quickly stole the hearts (er, tastebuds) of fans with its signature flavor. Featuring a seasoned boneless pork patty coated in barbecue sauce, the sandwich also includes slivered onions and dill pickles, all sandwiched on a homestyle bun.

Courtesy of McDonald's

After its debut in Kansas, the chain launched the sandwich nationwide before it was discontinued in 1985. Although McDonald’s brought the McRib back as a limited-time offering throughout the years, the bite became famous internationally in 1994 when McDonald’s paired it with The Flintstones movie promotions, and the rest is McHistory.

The elusive McRib won’t be here for long, so you’ll probably want to grab the bite for lunch (and dinner) while you can once it hits Mickey D’s locations on Nov. 1. If you don’t see it on your local McDonald’s menu right away, it’s probably still rolling out. However, if your McDonald’s isn’t participating, you might want to check McDonald’s store locator to find a restaurant that is.

When you head to McDonald’s to grab your first McRib of the season, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.