This crystal may make you want to know how to make edible crystals from TikTok.

How To Make Edible Crystals From TikTok For An Insta-Worthy Treat

Of quartz I have to try this.

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It’s no secret crystals are popular on TikTok. In fact, you could spend hours just watching videos of stores packing crystal orders or scooping mystery crystals for customers on the FYP. Now, the latest crystal trend seems to be making edible crystal candy that looks just like precious gems. This sweet treat is not only gorgeous but totally tasty, which is why foodies should know how to make edible crystals from TikTok.

When you think of edible crystals, you may first think of the rock candy you used to eat as a kid. While the TikTok edible crystals are hard on the outside like rock candy, they’re jelly-like and chewy on the inside. This makes them a lot easier to snack on. And this hard exterior and gummy texture is a result of the edible crystal-making process, which is super easy to do at home. You only need a few simple ingredients, so you might as well make a batch or two of edible crystals, right? Plus, these Insta-worthy treats make great candy to hand out to your besties for Halloween or to surprise your crystal-loving friends with for the holidays. So, there really is no better time to make edible crystals than the present.

How To Make Edible Crystals From TikTok


Edible crystals, or Kohakutou, have been popular in Japan for years, but you have the TikTok algorithm to thank for bringing them to your FYP right now. Just as you are drawn to certain precious gems when you need them, it must be a sign that you need to make some edible crystals at home if you’re seeing this. To start off, you’ll need to gather your ingredients:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of agar agar powder
  • Food coloring

Once you have your key ingredients, you can begin to make your edible crystals. According to TikToker @emilylfigueroa’s edible crystal recipe, you want to bring your cold water and agar agar powder to a boil in a pot. Once that’s boiling, mix in your sugar and cook for about five minutes.

When it’s fully combined, pour your mixture into a pan and this is when you get to decorate your edible crystals. Use the food coloring to create the crystal of your choice. Use pink dye to color the entire thing like a rose quartz or stir in drops of different colored food dye to create crystal-like swirls. Some TikTokers have even placed edible luster dust inside to create shimmery crystals. Once you’ve decorated your crystals to your liking, place in the fridge for about one to two hours.

When it’s ready, cut your jelly treat into crystal shapes and place on parchment paper to dry out. You’ll need to leave your edible crystals out in room temp for about a week to fully harden and crystalize on the outside. After about seven days, they’ll look even more like crystals on the outside but still remain the gummy texture on the inside.

What Are Edible Crystal Recipe Ideas?


While the sugar and agar agar powder are important ingredients, get creative with the rest to make totally unique edible crystals. For example, TikToker @makeatrish made two different kinds of edible crystals on TikTok. The first was a rose quartz-like crystal that had lemon juice and rose water added into the agar agar, water, and sugar mixture. To get the rose quartz look, @makeatrish added just one drop of pink food coloring and silver luster dust in the mix before placing in the fridge. The second edible crystal was a citrine-inspired one that had pink lemonade flavoring, some citric acid to give it a kick, and candied lemon peels added in the mixture with pink and yellow food coloring swirled in as well.

Another great idea for your edible crystals from TikToker @makeatrish is to take your leftover pieces after cutting your edible crystals and use those to make a cluster of crystals. That way, you’re not wasting any of your tasty treat. Other edible crystal ideas include dried flowers, which is what TikToker @msshiandmrhe used in their mix. They also mention that you can use tea, juice, or even beer as a substitute to your water, so you can really experiment to get edible crystals you love just as much as the precious gems in your collection at home.