Taylor Swift's "Bejeweled" lyrics include reference to a moonstone aura

What Is A Moonstone Aura? Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled” Lyric, Explained

An aura reader analyzes Swift’s undeniable shimmer. ✨

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Taylor Swift has dropped a new album, and it’s breaking all kinds of records. Just like previous Swift albums, Midnights has whipped fans into a frenzy with internet theories abound. Is “Vigilante Sh*t” about Kimye or Scooter Braun? Is “Question…?” about Harry Styles or Karlie Kloss? Are we all the anti-heroes in our own lives? Midnights swirls around themes of true love, karma, self-awareness, societal expectations, and introspection. Then there’s “Bejeweled,” a feel-good anthem for anyone who’s ever felt taken for granted.

In the song, Swift croons about dating someone who doesn’t treat her like the queen she is. Little by little, she’s starting to lose her sparkle. Ultimately, Swift seems to realize that with or without him, she can still light up an entire room — or, as she puts it, she can “make the whole place shimmer.”

Once she realizes her value and goes out without him, other people flock to her like bees to honey. “But some guy said my aura’s moonstone, Just ’cause he was high,” she sings. Many people have received a confusing pickup line before, but what if there’s some truth to the idea that Swift’s aura is moonstone-ish? To find out, Elite Daily tapped psychic and aura-seer extraordinaire Mystic Michaela to spill the tea.

Auras are energy imprints surrounding you that clue Mystic Michaela into your personality, what you’re currently going through, and what trauma you’re carrying. Just like snowflakes, each person’s aura is unique. Auras can be cloudy, bright, fractured, cracked, or… shimmery. And get this — even though most non-psychics can’t see auras, they can feel them. Ever meet someone and immediately (before they even speak) think, “We should be besties forever” or “Ew, please get away from me”? If so, you were picking up on their aura.


Now that the basics are out of the way, it’s time to get into the good stuff. What’s up with Swift’s supposed moonstone aura? “Moonstone is a bit of a shimmery stone, and its spiritual meaning is about ebb and flow,” Mystic Michaela says. “Our life has cycles as well. This could connect to her Midnights album as a whole, as well the cycles of different albums in her career.”

She sees Swift as a purple and yellow aura, not unlike the colors of a moonstone. “Her yellow is very sparkly or, as she might say, shimmery. Her purple is very deep, endlessly so,” Mystic Michaela says. “The hue has depth. And this translates to the layered presentation of her artistic work. Her writing has multiple meanings and ways we can interpret it.” Swifties will know from the pop star’s love of Easter eggs and clever lyrics that there’s always more to her songs than meets the casual glance.

“Just like moonstone itself, she helps us connect to our own intuition in the words she writes and music she gives us,” Mystic Michaela says. “Through so much of her work, we connect to ourselves. Which is what moonstone is for.” Fans are picking up what she’s putting down. TikTok is flooded with videos of fans joyously dancing to the line “make the whole world shimmer” and celebrating their inner sparkle. Could Swift be channeling the power of the moonstone?

"She’s not holding back her shimmering aura anymore,” Mystic Michaela says. “When you shimmer, people notice. When you shimmer, people are attracted. And when you shimmer, people can either love it or attack it.” As any fan will know, Swift has experienced her fair share of personal attacks over the years, whether from other artists, music execs, or the men she’s dated.

But Swift is over trying to dull her aura. “She’s encouraging herself and all of us to let it shine. I often notice people with shimmery auras or sparkles get attacked by people with their own insecurities,” Mystic Michaela says. “She is acknowledging in this song that her shimmer triggers people, and she can’t care about that anymore. It was holding her back and got her nothing.” On the track, Swift sings, “Did all the extra credit and I got graded on a curve.” It’s like putting your all into your job only to have your boss pass you up for a promotion. Whoever the toxic person is in your life, sometimes you need to let them go so you can feel like yourself again.

So, what about that guy who mentioned her moonstone aura in the song? Was he onto something? Of all the stones to compare her to, he chose a shimmery purple-y stone with yellow flecks of light? That can’t be a coincidence. Mystic Michaela feels he may very well have been picking up on Swift’s aura and more importantly her newfound vibe. “Moonstone tells us to allow darkness to fade so that we may let in the light. She is letting herself shimmer, bedazzle, and show off that sparkly yellow purple aura of hers,” she says.

With “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” as two of the most self-reflective songs on the album, Midnights seems to be anchored in getting out from under the muck and letting yourself truly shine. “She sees the beauty in the cycles she’s been through and where they have led her,” Mystic Michaela says. “She is taking inventory of herself right now.” Harnessing the power of the moonstone and what Swift is encouraging us to do with this album, we can take stock of how we’re being treated, heal what needs to be healed, and take back our sparkle.


Mystic Michaela, aura reader and psychic