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Elite Daily Newsletter: May 23, 2022

The one thing Cardi B will never do, the zodiac signs most likely to have a crush on their roommates, and more.

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Cardi B Will Try *Almost* Anything Once

Cardi B is someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge, and her new video series, Cardi Tries, is a perfect example of her fearlessness (which makes so much sense, considering she was born during a full moon). While she’s down to try learning football, tattooing, or making sushi, there is exactly one thing that she said told Elite Daily in an exclusive interview that she will *never* try. READ MORE.


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Kourtney And Travis Had A Goth Glam Italian Wedding

Listen, I firmly believe that at some point in their courtship Kravis watched Twilight: New Moon and decided to make it their entire wedding mood board. Take a look at all the black, lace, and black lace that adorns the Barkardasian family as they celebrate abroad. READ MORE.

A Close Read Of Their Wedding Body Language

I like to think of each of Kravis’ weddings as a course in a meal: We started with a fun appetizer of their Las Vegas wedding, moved on to the legally-binding main course courthouse wedding, and then finished things off with a decadent Italian wedding for dessert. Basically, these two are human versions of chocolate covered strawberries: romantic, sexy, and a little bit awkward. READ MORE.

You Can Actually Stay At The Kravis Wedding Castle

When Castello Brown was built as a military fortress in 1425, do you think it imagined that it would one day be the site of such a historic wedding?!? You can hold your own wedding here, or you can just come hang out in Portofino for the day. What I’m saying is, you’ve got options. READ MORE.

This Is What Scott Was Doing During The Wedding

If you’ve been watching The Kardashians then you know that Scott, uh, cares juuuust a little bit about being invited to family events. If a birthday dinner is too contentious for him to get invited to, then imagine a wedding. This is what he was doing during the world’s biggest Dolce & Gabbana photoshoot—I mean wedding—instead. READ MORE.

Kim Posted A Sweet Tribute To Pete’s Last Day At SNL

Honestly Kim has been all about the tributes to Pete lately, including a nail art shoutout and also this very cute IG story. It was a sweet sendoff for Pete, who left SNL after eight seasons with the show. He’s booked and busy, though, with a new movie on the way. I’m hoping this means we get to see more Kete content over the summer. READ MORE.

The First Week Of Gemini Season Is Full Of Surprises For Every Sign

ICYMI, we did a deep dive on Gemini last week. Gemini season brings curiosity, adaptability, and mental stimulation (yay!) but it’s also Mercury retrograde, which brings uncertainty and potential miscommunication (boo!). Let’s see what’s in store this week. READ MORE.

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