Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Italian wedding body language was intense.

Kourtney And Travis Were “In Sync” And “Very Sexual” At Their Italian Wedding

A body language expert gives us the 411.


On May 22, AKA World Goth Day, Kravis tied the knot for the third (and final?) time. At their nuptials in Portofino, Italy, Kourtney Kardashian proved once and for all that she *is* the most interesting to look at (sorry, Kim!), but her Dolce & Gabanna dress wasn’t the only eye catching part of the celebration... even though it was hard to look away from her Barker-tattoo-inspired veil. Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Italian wedding body language was also noteworthy. Think: romantic, sexy, and a touch awkward (just like all best weddings, IMHO).

Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, said that they are totally in “sync” with each other. “They’re a really good, strong unit with each other,” Wood tells Elite Daily. (Not a bad prognosis for your wedding, right?) And that was only the start of it. Fortunately for Kravis fans, guests at the wedding were eager to share BTS moments — and some of those reception videos were capital-S Steamy.

Here are all the body language highlights of Kravis’ third wedding.

Travis Is Protective Of Kourtney


Kravis’ wedding was full of sweet moments, but there was some anxiety on the big day — especially when it came to those steep stairs. Notice how they’re both looking down and holding hands? “He seems concerned about her falling off that step,” Wood says. (I can’t blame him.)

Kardashian seems like she trusts Barker to keep her steady though. “Her hand is planted firmly in the palm of his hand,” Wood points out. “He’s loosely holding her hand,” she adds, but it seems like he’s focused on keeping her upright, AKA not falling down the steps, all the same.

And it seems to be a role he takes pretty seriously. “He’s anxious but wants to look strong,” Wood adds. See how his feet are touching at the heels? Wood calls that a “freeze posture.” She explains, “It shows his anxiety. He’s super tense.”


Barker kept Kardashian’s safety in mind post-wedding, too. Analyzing this photo, Wood says, “He’s out in front, and you can tell by the way he’s gazing that he’s in protective mode and he’s guarding.”

The way he’s holding her hand is also telling. “His arm is nice and relaxed. He’s not pulling her but guiding her,” Wood says. Kardashian’s hands are also of note. “Her fingers are nicely firm. There’s nice energy to that hand hold,” she adds.

However, Wood does note that they are “not looking at each other” here. They are slightly leaning toward each other, but they still don’t look super connected. Never fear though! They made their connection well-known throughout the reception.

During one of the couple’s dances at the reception, Barker and Kardashian are glued together. Again, he’s taking care of his bride. Wood points out that his “legs are spread out.” She guesses the reason: “He’s supporting her in high high heels.”

That’s not the only way he’s supporting her. “His hands are in a ‘log cabin lock’ to hold her,” Wood says. “He’s doing his best to have a firm foundation and hold her in so she’ll be safe.” So cute!

Their Happiness Is Obvious

As if Barker’s protective energy wasn’t swoon-worthy enough, videos of the couple at their reception show the extent of their romantic connection. A clip of the duo dancing showed major promise. “They’re swaying together. He’s kissing on side of her face. It’s very sweet actually,” Wood said.

Wood loves how he’s “holding her in his arms and kissing her at the same time,” and TBH, I do too. What’s even better? The clear “delight on Kardashian’s face.” Wood says, “She’s very expressive with hands and arms. Her hand is going up, and that upward motion of hand is expressing happiness.”

Another dance video is just as endearing. As the couple donned matching Mr. and Mrs. Barker motorcycle jackets (can we have a moment of appreciation for that styling choice?), they held hands and ~jived~ together. “There’s some awkwardness as they try to dance while hands holding,” Wood says. It looks a bit like a photo opp at the beginning, but then Kardashian changes tactics.

“She gives up and goes in for hug. It’s lovely. It says, ‘I just wanna be close to you. I just wanna hug you,’” Wood says, appreciating the “spontaneous” Kravis moment.

They’re Embracing Their Sexual Connection

It wouldn’t be a Kravis wedding without major sexual chemistry. Another video from their reception shows just how connected the couple really is. “They’re moving together in sync. This is nice and sexy,” Wood says. And I’d expect nothing less.

See how close their bodies are? Yeah, that’s no coincidence. Wood says, “They are very sexual with each other and into each other.” At points in the video, it really seems like they’re the only two people in the room — and if they act like this in private, it’s no wonder they’re so loved up.

“In the beginning, her weight is on him. She counts on him and depends on him,” Wood says. Trusting each other is sexy, but the steaminess didn’t end there. Kravis is dancing with some “up and down” motion, and yep, “the movement is very sexy,” Wood says.

Love that for them... and their honeymoon.