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The First Week Of Gemini Season Is Full Of Surprises For Every Sign

May is wrapping up with so many positive shifts.

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The astrology of the last full week of May is pretty sweet. With all the chaos the cosmos have caused this month, it’s a breath of fresh air. Speaking of air (signs), Gemini season is now in full swing, bringing curiosity, adaptability, and mental stimulation while Mercury retrograde brings uncertainty and potential miscommunication to every zodiac sign. Not to worry, though, because Mercury rx is about halfway over now, and before it ends, there will be some positive shifts in the sky to offset the scattered energy you may be feeling. In fact, your May 23, 2022 weekly horoscope promises exciting new beginnings and endeavors as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter take center stage.

To kick things off, Mars will be shifting into the cardinal fire sign of Aries for the first time since 2020, making it quite an impactful transit. Mars is in its home sign in Aries, prompting plenty of action, assertion, and dynamic new beginnings for every zodiac sign. While this will be felt the most by the cardinal signs, everyone will sense this shift, since Mars rules over how each of us collectively push things forward and fight for what we want. With Mars emerging from the idealistic, dreamy waters of Pisces and shifting back into the sign of its domicile for the first time in two years, the Aries-ruled house of everyone’s birth chart will be met with a pretty drastic surge in energy.

Following this transit, Venus will finally move out of the fiery, dynamic sign of Aries and into its home sign of Taurus on May 28. In Aries, Venus was debilitated since this is the sign of her detriment. As the planet of connection, Venus tends to struggle in Mars-ruled signs (Aries and Scorpio), because she’s forced to be far more aggressive. As she shifts into the stable, secure sign of Taurus, this will restore balance, harmony, and connection for every zodiac sign collectively, and specifically in the Taurus-ruled house of your birth chart.

Finally, on May 29, a Mars-Jupiter conjunction will take place in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, something that hasn’t happened in this particular sign since April 30, 2011. As Mars, the planet that rules Aries, conjoins Jupiter — the planet of growth, excess, and optimism — on this day, you can expect a rush of energy, excitement, and action in the Aries-ruled house of your birth chart. This day may coincide with some major endeavors beginning just in time for summer, but be cautious of the potential burnout this conjunction may cause. Pace yourself, and remember that anything worth having is worth diligence and patience.

Here’s what every zodiac sign can expect from this week’s astrology:

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Aries May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This is a pretty active month for you, Aries, since your chart ruler is *finally* shifting into your first house of self after a very long two years. This transit is sure to offer you a major surge in energy, especially after experiencing Mars in your Pisces 12th house since April 14. From now until July 5, you’ll be eager to get new projects and endeavors off the ground — just be sure to pace yourself, because this energy is sure to be draining. Things are certain to really take off around May 29, when Mars and Jupiter link up in your first house of self. This is sure to offer you an expansive, hopeful new beginning pertaining to your sense of self and identity, and really allow you to launch anything forward that you’re heart is set on. It’s almost as if you’re getting a second Aries season this week, and as an Aries myself, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Taurus May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

Your chart ruler will finally be shifting out of your 12th house of isolation and seclusion on May 28, which is the best transit this month for you by far. As Venus steps into your first house of self on this day, you’ll start to feel far more like you stable, comfortable self again, and since Venus rules over indulgences, you’ll definitely be in the mood to treat yourself. Just be mindful of overdoing it now, since Venus doesn’t necessarily have any boundaries in your sign. This will be a great time for connection, creativity, and pleasure though, so be sure to soak it all in.

Gemini May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

May has been a pretty busy month for you, with the sun and Mercury moving through your first house of self, but this week things will quiet down a bit in your sign, and instead direct your focus to the action taking place in your 11th house of friends and social groups. As Mars and Jupiter link up in this house on May 29, you’ll notice an exciting new opportunity to connect and socialize around this time, and even potentially embark on a new endeavor amongst your alliances. Be sure to be mindful of any conflict or disagreements, though, as your chart ruler is still retrograde, and Mars in Aries tends to be a bit of a combative transit.

Cancer May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

Your career and professional world is getting a major boost this week, as Mars and Jupiter join forces in your 10th house on May 29. You’ve been experiencing some slow but steady growth here for quite some time, but now is when you can expect things to really take off. Whether it’s a new job altogether or an exciting new opportunity within your current profession, now is the perfect time to go after whatever it is that you want in your vocation. Be mindful of overloading your plate with too much work though, you don’t want to potentially jeopardize your reputation by burning out before you can complete the assignments you agreed to. The good thing is, you can expect whatever professional endeavor you embark on now to really blossom throughout the summer.

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Leo May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

With all the fiery, dynamic energy in the sky this week, these transits are right up your alley. Mars and Jupiter will be joining forces in your ninth house of travel, wisdom, and knowledge on May 29, bringing exciting new beginnings to your philosophical endeavors. Since Mercury is still retrograde, however, you may find that you don’t necessarily have all the information necessary, and travel plans are more likely to be delayed, but it’s still a time where you can expect your mind to be expanded and for your horizons to be broadened. You’ve got the energy on your side now to embark on a new study or spiritual practice, so be sure to put it to good use.

Virgo May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Mars and Jupiter will be shaking things up in your eighth house of shared resources, boundaries, and finances, offering some dynamic new beginnings when it comes to these affairs. With Jupiter here, you may notice a sudden windfall of support, whether it be financial or otherwise — just be sure to be mindful of your spending during this time. Jupiter tends to cause us to be a bit more excessive, and in Aries, this energy is urgent and impulsive. It’s not the best time to make any sudden, large purchases, but instead, assess the resources you have and share with others.

Libra May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This is a pretty active week for you, Libra, as your chart ruler, Venus, shifts into the other sign of its domicile, Taurus, on May 28. On this day, you can expect to notice a shift in how you’ve approached connection and intimacy until June 22. You’ll be prompted to slow down and address the boundaries you have between yourself and others now, all while Mars and Jupiter link up in your seventh house of romantic partnerships on May 29. This week is a very dynamic one for your partnerships, so be sure to pace yourself — impulses tend to run high when Mars is in Aries, but sometimes this energy tends to be a bit short lived. Try not to make any sudden decisions when it comes to matters of the heart now, it’s best to take your time.

Scorpio May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

As Mars, your chart ruler, finally steps back into the sign of its domicile on May 24, you’ll feel a powerful surge in energy and clarity in your direction this week as this energy culminates in your sixth house of work, routine, and health. On May 28, Venus will shift into your seventh house of relationships, heightening a desire for connection in relationships, all while action and activity reach a boiling point on May 29, with Mars and Jupiter link up in Aries. On this day, you’ll be feeling incredibly productive and assertive, making this a great time to tackle any work or tasks you’ve been needing to take care of. It’ll be important to pace yourself, though, because Aries energy can very easily lead to burnout.

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Sagittarius May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This week, your chart ruler, Jupiter, will be linking up with the action-oriented planet Mars, in your fellow fire sign of Aries. With this energy reaching a peak in your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and intimacy, you can expect this week to be all about cultivating joy in your life. With impulsive energy being the leading force of the week, it’ll be beneficial to pace yourself — you don’t want to have too much fun. This conjunction is a great time to embark on any exciting new creative or passion projects, however, so don’t hold yourself back — you’ll be feeling incredibly inspired and energetic now.

Capricorn May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On May 29, Mars and Jupiter will join up in your fourth house of home and family, prompting some active initiation in your private world. Whether you’re moving homes, redecorating, or suddenly spending a lot more time with relatives, you’ll definitely be called to back to your roots this week. While this week won’t necessarily be the most work-focused week for you, you can expect a lot of dynamic growth in your private life. As a fellow cardinal sign, this energy won’t be too unfamiliar, but it may be a bit impulsive for you. Try to keep yourself as grounded as possible now, and don’t let the heat get to you.

Aquarius May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This will be an incredibly mentally active week for you, Aquarius, as Mars and Jupiter link up in your third house of communication, ideas, and skills. With Mercury also currently retrograde, you’ll definitely be buzzing with newfound information and details now, and will be incredibly eager to share what you’ve collected now with your community. Wherever you’re directing your energy these days is sure to pick up fast, so be sure to use this assertive energy wisely — what you focus on will definitely grow. This could also be the perfect time to embark on an impulsive road trip, just be mindful of Mercury retrograde’s tricky ways when it comes to traveling.

Pisces May 23, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

The biggest transit for you this week is definitely Jupiter, your chart ruler, conjoining Mars in Aries, taking place in your second house of money and resources. You’ll likely notice a major surge in energy around your finances and possessions now, so be sure to keep a close eye on your spending. Aries energy tends to be a bit impulsive, and with your chart ruler subject to this energy this week, you’ll definitely be feeling the heat. The good thing is, this conjunction could also indicate an exciting new endeavor you could potentially be embarking on pertaining to finding new ways to make money, so that’s definitely something to direct your energy toward.

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