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The August 2023 Super Sturgeon Moon's Spiritual Meaning Is Innovative

It’s time to get weird.

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Ever since the sun shifted into the fixed fire sign of Leo, the main character vibes have never been stronger. And with Venus currently retrograding through this sun-ruled sign, everyone’s been prioritizing focusing on their own personal wants, needs, and desires. Self-care rituals have been at an all-time high, and your desire to be seen and appreciated has been far more demanding than usual. However, as the upcoming full moon unfolds, everyone will be less concerned with being in the limelight, and instead, focused more on embracing what makes you stand out from the crowd — even if it’s the very thing that makes other people uneasy. While Leo season has placed plenty of emphasis on the external validation you’re so keen on securing, the spiritual meaning of the August 2023 Super Sturgeon Moon is calling for you to show love to the parts of you that challenge the status quo.

Taking place in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the full moon is shedding light on your innovative thoughts, perspectives, and the ways you challenge traditional ways of existing. The Leo-Aquarius axis in your birth chart is where you’re most called to embrace your desire to be influential, but the upcoming sturgeon moon is less about securing praise and admiration, and more about challenging the ways you think and express yourself openly. Worrying too much about how you’re received by the world limits your self-expression, and this full moon seeks to liberate everyone from caring too much about what other people think.

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What Is A Supermoon?

Supermoons are fairly common, taking place about three to four times each year. When a supermoon happens, it means that la luna is at the point in her orbit that’s closest to Earth, making her appear larger and brighter. Supermoons are fairly sporadic lunar events, and can sometimes even occur consecutively. In fact, there was just a supermoon last month, on July 3.

What Is A Sturgeon Moon?

On Aug. 1, the full moon in Aquarius will light up the sky, and this year, not only is this lunation a supermoon, but it’s also the annual Sturgeon Moon. Taking place every August, Sturgeon Moons get their nickname from the large fish that are commonly caught this time of year. This year’s Super Sturgeon Moon is also referred to as a Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, and Ricing Moon.

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When Does 2023’s Super Sturgeon Moon Take Place?

On Aug. 1 at 2:31 p.m. EST, the Super Sturgeon Moon will take place in the Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius. On this day, everyone will be contemplating the ways they can innovate or improve something in their lives, based on the house in your birth chart that Aquarius governs over. Aquarius energy is less about taking physical action, and is more about shifting your perspective or an outdated outlook. As a result, this full moon is less about making sudden moves or changes. Its sole purpose is to liberate you from a limited belief or way of thinking that may be rooted in ego, or a desire for external acceptance and validation.

Leo season’s allowed you to acknowledge and hold space for your desire to be seen and valued, but this full moon in Aquarius is shedding light on the parts of you that may not always be celebrated. While these traits may not always be qualities that others enjoy, they still deserve to have a voice. Embrace the ways your opinions or views may ruffle feathers, because they’re exactly what separates you from the crowd. Don’t limit yourself from dancing to the beat of your own drum, simply because others may not appreciate the sound of your music. Being liked by everyone is overrated, anyway.