How Zodiac Signs Show Anger Varies, But Can Reveal A Lot About You

Anger is often seen as a negative emotion, one that should be suppressed or controlled. Although, a lot of times I see it as an appropriate response to injustice. It doesn't mean you should let it control you, either by fear of it or by fear of giving into it. Human beings are complex, and so are our emotions. There are people out there so angry, you'd think they haven't been able to take a sh*t in 15 years. There are others who refuse to admit they're angry through a smile and a nearly-busted forehead vein. Astrologically speaking, how each zodiac sign shows anger definitely varies. And a lot can be learned by the way you show yours.

You might think that because you're a Pisces, you're just a naturally chill AF person, but think again. I'm willing to bet that you're no master of zen either. This article is dedicated to anger -- that wonderfully complex emotion that keeps us all on our toes and makes us wonder whether or not we might actually be bad people. Here's an obvious answer: You're not a bad person. Here are all the ways you deal with anger, and what sets you off, based on your zodiac sign. If your sign doesn't seem like you, try reading the description for your rising sign.

Aries- Explodes With Wild Abandon

Aries has very little temper control; pretty much anything can set them off, but what they really can't stand is when it feels like someone is disagreeing with them just to seem like they are unique and special.

How dare they? Aries is the only truly special one, right? RIGHT? *throws everything*

Taurus- Slow, Boiling Rage

Taurus is known for being slow and steady. But don't mistake that slow and steady approach to life as being a weakness. If anything, they use it to their advantage, picking up resentments along the way and allowing those resentments to stew until they completely fly off the handle.

When they do, you will never again make the mistake of thinking that your faults are being automatically forgiven or overlooked.

Gemini- Argues Aggressively Until You Forget Their Original Point

When a Gemini is angry, it's as if they turn into someone else. Their ordinarily multifaceted approach to everything turns into a stubborn inability to see any side but their own. Still, all that indecisive energy has to go somewhere, so they will jump from the current argument into another one they meant to have a few months ago. That will remind them of something that happened two weeks ago, and then something else that happened earlier that day. You won't even know what the f*ck they're talking about by the time they're done running off at the mouth.

Cancer- Throws Tantrum, Immediately Starts To Cry

Cancer turns into an actual living adult baby when they're mad, and they are not above throwing their toys around to make a point, much like a toddler. They hate to be taken advantage of, to be left out, or to feel under appreciated.

They might not react right when it happens, but give them a few hours and they will lose their mind once they are in the comfort of their own home. They'll cry themselves to sleep, or they'll binge until they cry. Or both.

Leo- Expresses Ruthless Distaste For The Person/Thing Until Death

Leo is a noble sign; they are above fighting, pulling hair, yelling at people who don't deserve to be in their presence. It's simply beneath them. So they assign that work to those who serve them: their loyal subjects, a.k.a. friends.

All Leo has to do is frankly suggest the ways in which they were wronged by the person and the people who love them will gather and fight for them. It's a magical power that Leo has. Long after they're "over it" (they never are), their friends and loved ones will be fighting to dishonor whoever wronged them.

Virgo- Will Repress Their Outburst But Judge You Harshly Forever

Virgo is far too practical to look the fool with some loud emotional outburst in public. That would embarrass them. Not to mention, they are embarrassed for anyone they've ever seen engage in this kind of behavior.

Instead, they will slowly internalize their anger and turn it into unforgiving judgment of the person or thing that has wronged them, and they will gossip about it forever.

Libra-Tries To Rise Above The Situation But Will Engage In Warfare

For Libra, confrontation is not their bag. They dislike even having to be involved with any kind of it, and they'll avoid it wherever necessary, but if something is unfair or unjust, they will go OFF.

Do not play with them because they're natural lawyers, and they know how to fight for their side so well you'll forget what platform you were standing on.

Scorpio- Seethes With Rage Until Something Unrelated Sets Them Completely OFF In Embarrassing Way

Scorpio feels things very deeply, so deeply that not even they are aware of how affected they've become. They dislike when anyone ignores them, or makes them feel small, because they know how incredibly powerful they are. They will forgive a slight once, but they won't ever forget it, and if it ever happens again, the rage will rise up so quickly they won't even know what happened. They don't fight physically, but their words will make you wish they'd hit you instead.

Sagittarius- Will Not Stop Arguing Until You Give In To Their P.O.V.

Sagittarius people are dogmatic. It's one of their worst qualities, and when you upset them, they will unleash it on you. You'll be wondering if you're actually fighting with this person or if you're sitting in some kind of f*cked up church where the preacher is coked to the gills. They won't let up until you at least pretend to see things their way, and you will. Because it's better than continuing their one-sided lecture that never seems to end.

Capricorn- Doesn't Bother Getting Upset Because Everyone's An Idiot

Capricorn won't bother with anger because it isn't efficient. It doesn't accomplish anything, and anyone who gives into it is an imbecile... at  least that's how you'll think if you're a Capricorn who has spent your life suppressing rage.

Here's the thing about anger, Capricorn: It can't be suppressed. Not really. Instead, it turns into a lifelong attitude where you just look down on everyone around you. Instead of acting like an asshole, you just become one. See where I'm going with this?

Aquarius- Wonders "Is This What Anger Is?" While Breaking Things

Aquarians are a very detached people, who intellectualize their emotions to the point of not fully understanding them even as they are experiencing them. This goes for their experience with others as well as themselves.

It's as though one part of them is here on earth having a human experience, and another part of them is in outer space watching like an alien visiting to study human life.

Pisces- Plots Ways To Make Everyone Feel Guilty For Hurting Them

Pisces might not flip out in public or make a scene (They also might though, if you push them far enough.), but more likely than not, they will absolutely plot a specific kind of revenge. This sign is most likely to f*ck with you through emotional manipulation, to exploit your humanity through self-sacrifice.

They will make themselves look like victims, lie about horrible things happening to them, and make you feel somehow indebted to them for how horrible you've been. Basically, they need to learn that nobody gives a sh*t and they're better off just yelling.