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Elite Daily ranks 10 of Kelly Clarkson's best Kellyoke covers.
My Life Would Suck Without These 10 Kellyoke Covers, Ranked

Ate and left no crumbs behind.

Kelly Clarkson was made for television. Her singing career has been largely captured on-screen, starting with her 2002 American Idol win. Since that accolade, Clarkson has become the pop titan the show’s judges knew she’d be. From her hit-filled Breakaway album to her other wildly overlooked singles (“Never Again” deserved so much more), most of her discography is likely still topping millennials’ nostalgic music playlists. The singer has continued to flaunt her talent in recent years, even throwing in an unexpected song cover or two at a live show. It’s almost as if she knew she would eventually reinvent karaoke.

In September 2019, Clarkson debuted her daytime talk series The Kelly Clarkson Show. She opens each episode with her Kellyoke segment, where she and her band named Y’all cover popular — and sometimes, criminally underrated — songs from the past and present. So far, every cover Clarkson has done has been a musical banger.

Let’s raise a glass to these 10 impressive Kellyoke covers, ranked by how much each one altered my brain chemistry.

“RSVP” by Maren Morris

Warning: You might find yourself dimming the lights to this number. In June 2022, Clarkson performed a steamy version of Maren Morris’ 2019 hit, “RSVP.” The country track boasts an underlying pop-soul melody, and that sound is on full mode in this cover. Clarkson taps into the softer side of her vocals, which is on display in many of her Kellyoke performances.

“Falling” by Harry Styles

In a May 2022 segment of Kellyoke, Clarkson covered Harry Styles’ piano ballad “Falling.” This emotional single debuted on Styles’ 2019 album, Fine Line. As usual, Clarkson and her talented band added a subtle twist to the cover. Instead of strictly using the original track’s looped piano melody, her band squeezed in some electric guitar riffs and drums. That familiar piano melody still pulses through, but her band’s slight rework adds so much color to the track.

“Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish

In September 2022, Clarkson shared an edgy cover of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever.” The track debuted on Eilish’s album of the same name, and it instantly became a hit due to the singer’s raw vocals and emotional lyrics about her ex-partner. Clarkson kept true to the OG track’s alt-pop recipe and had viewers hanging on her every word as she belted the chorus. Her raspy vibrato comes out to play as the track builds to its climactic ending, and you’re left wondering if she’ll sneak in another verse. Luckily, she recorded the entire cover for her 2022 Kellyoke EP.

“Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks

Grab your bell-sleeved gown and monochrome smockings, because it’s time to channel your inner witch. In April 2022, Clarkson covered Stevie Nicks’ single “Edge of Seventeen.” Within seconds, Clarkson and her three background singers create a mystical vibe with some harmonies. The arrangement is pretty similar to the original track, especially those hard-knocking guitar riffs.

“Jealous” by Labrinth

In May 2022, the Grammy-winning singer turned down the lights for her cover of “Jealous” by Labrinth. Her vocal range is on full display in this performance. From the first verse, Clarkson’s voice paints a vivid picture of Labrinth’s tender lyrics, which details him growing up with an absent father and feeling “jealous” to see him starting a new family.

“Imagine” by Ariana Grande

An icon covering another icon? This is too much to handle. In March 2022, Clarkson kicked off her talk show with a rendition of Ariana Grande’s ballad “Imagine.” Just shy of two minutes, the crooner hits all the notes... literally. In the final chorus, Clarkson replaces Grande’s original whistle notes with some undeniable belts that carry to the end of the performance.

“Anyone” by Demi Lovato

In a June 2022 episode of her show, Clarkson delivered a touching cover of “Anyone” by Demi Lovato. In this session, the talk show host traded in her usual packed stage for an intimate performance. Perched on a dimly lit stage, Clarkson uses her vocals as a vehicle throughout the cover. From her runs in the pre-chorus to her passionate pleas in the outro, this cover is just as powerful as Lovato’s tearful performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

“Careless Whisper” by George Michael

In another June 2022 episode, Clarkson added her own smooth spin to the late George Michael’s classic “Careless Whisper.” This cover is a testament that Clarkson’s voice was made for jazz. Instead of relying on the original track’s buttery arrangement (which includes that signature saxophone solo), Clarkson and her band opted for a more acoustic sound in this performance. This new flare adds a cozy touch to an already vulnerable record, which is about Michael confessing that he cheated on his partner.

“Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic

In December 2022, Clarkson performed Silk Sonic’s classic single “Leave The Door Open” from their debut album. This cover is a friendly reminder that Clarkson can sing. There are so many climatic moments in this performance, like her complimentary runs against her background vocalists and her glorious high note in the outro.

“Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd

It’s always the heartbreak anthems that become timeless hits. In October 2021, Clarkson reminded viewers of this fact with her rendition of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.” Sonically, this drowsy track saw the Canadian singer reflecting on his past relationship (likely with Selena Gomez) over arrangements reminicient of his alt-R&B mixtape days. Clarkson captured that cathartic sound by adding sleek guitar riffs and harmonies courtesy of her background singers. Thankfully, Clarkson performed the entire number for her Kellyoke EP, and her delivery on the record is just as insane.