Harry Styles Album Cover Is Giving Major 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory' Vibes

by Hollee Actman Becker
Karwai Tang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stop whatever it is you're doing, because this is big, fam. Big. Harry Styles' 'Fine Line' album cover just dropped and it is giving off some major Charlie & The Chocolate Factory vibes. As in, Daddy, I want Harry's 'Fine Line' album, now! Harry Styles is looking a little like a fierce Oompa Loopa in flowy white pants on the cover and fans are digging it. He is legit such a mood, and Dec. 13 seriously cannot get here fast enough.

OK, so Styles — who dropped his self-titled debut solo album in May 2017 — hit up social media on Nov. 4 to announce that his second solo album, called Fine Line, will be coming out before Christmas. The former 1Der revealed on Twitter and Instagram that this new outing will be released on Dec. 13 and pre-orders will start on Nov. 5.

The posts also debuted Fine Line's cover art, which features a fish-eye view of the 25-year-old popstar standing in front of a pink and blue backdrop while striking a major pose in those aforementioned white pants and a fuchsia top cut down to there.

FWIW, there's also a gloved hand reaching out to him from the bottom right corner.

"Fine Line. The Album. Dec. 13," Styles captioned the tweet. Short, sweet, and to the point. Sadly, no tracklist was revealed. But the Wonka vibes are real, y'all.

BTW, if the date Dec. 13 sounds familiar to you, it's because it's Taylor Swift's birthday. You remember that Styles and Swift maybe, kinda, sorta dated for about three months back in 2012, don't you? Well, as you can imagine, the internet has a lot of say about this ~coincidence~. In fact, many Haylor fans seem convinced that there may even be a collab coming.

Check out some of these tweets:

Meanwhile, back in August, Styles told Rolling Stone that his new album would be "all about having sex and feeling sad."

So to recap, here's what we know about Fine Line so far: The album is coming on Dec. 13, Swift is turning 30 that very same day, and the songs will probably have us all in our feels.

Now, if we could only figure out what that lone gloved hand is all about.