On Sept. 19, Kelly Clarkson was honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside 'A...

The OG American Idol Judges Reunited With Kelly For A Peak Nostalgia Moment

They all look so good.

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Kelly Clarkson will always be my forever American Idol. After two decades of delivering chart-topping singles and a successful daytime talk show, Clarkson recently garnered another award and reunited with some of her beloved mentors to honor the occasion. On Sept. 19, the singer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where OG American Idol judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell appeared together in support. My heart can’t handle this sweet homecoming.

This heartfelt commemoration comes weeks after Clarkson celebrated the 20th anniversary of her winning American Idol. On Sept. 4, the talk show host shared a lengthy note on Instagram, where she thanked everyone who voted for her at the time. Then, on Sept. 12, Clarkson kicked off Season 4 of her hit talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, which took over Ellen DeGeneres’ coveted time slot.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer was originally set to receive her star in 2021, but the ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic. Judging by her beaming smile, this moment was worth the wait.

“This is where I won 20 years ago,” Clarkson said during her speech in reference to Hollywood, per Billboard. “I feel very lucky and fortunate because I know a lot of talented people that love singing and are amazing at it and writing songs, and even talk show hosts — a lot of people could do that, and I just feel very fortunate that I get the chance.”

Cowell spoke at the event, recalling Clarkson’s American Idol audition. According to the former judge, Clarkson was a saving grace after hours of unpleasant auditions. “I actually thought I was being Punk’d on the first day,” Cowell said. “Paula resigned. Every singer was out of tune. And I thought, ‘This is a joke.’ And it got worse, progressively. So I thought, ‘This is an absolute disaster. Why did I come here?’ And thank God I remember the day we met you. I remember not just your voice, but your personality.”


Cowell then thanked Clarkson for her unforgettable presence on the show. “You validated what we did. If we didn’t find a star, there’s no point in doing these shows,” he said.

Abdul, who People reported arrived shortly into Cowell’s speech, also took to the mic and gave Clarkson endless praise. The iconic choreographer changed her flight to be at the ceremony. “I wouldn't miss [this ceremony] for the world,” she said. “Kelly, not only the trajectory of your life has changed, but you helped change the trajectory of everyone's lives.”

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The former judge credited Clarkson with making “season one all worth it” and thanked her for making her believe in talent again. As for Jackson, he was all smiles when posing with Clarkson, her notable star, and his former fellow judges.

In addition to thanking her two children, River and Remington, who attended the ceremony with her, Clarkson ended the event by returning the love to the OG Idol judges.

"I just wanted to say thank you,” she said. “And I think that is why I'm here today. Not just because of myself, but because of having constantly teams of people that love you and support you, and really want to make your dreams come true while making their dreams come true.”

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