Kelly Clarkson's Instagram 20 years after winning 'American Idol' is thankful of her time on the sho...

Kelly Celebrated The 20th Anniversary Of Her American Idol Win With The Best Note

Alexa, play "A Moment Like This."

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While it may seem like the country is often divided on a many numbers of issues, there was one thing America could all agree on — and it was Kelly Clarkson. You may remember the singer and Emmy-winning host of The Kelly Clarkson Show got her start on the first season of American Idol back in 2002. To celebrate the anniversary of the night she was officially dubbed America’s favorite singer, she shared a heartfelt message online. If you were a fan from the beginning, then Kelly Clarkson’s Instagram 20 years after winning American Idol will truly touch your heart.

Looking back, the world would be a completely different place without Clarkson’s music. For instance, you wouldn’t have “Stronger ” to scream-sing in the car with your best friends. There would be no iconic scene in The Princess Diaries 2 with “Breakaway” playing in the background, or “Since U Been Gone” being used as the audition song for the Barton Bellas in Pitch Perfect. You wouldn’t even have “A Moment Like This” to emotionally sing into your hair bush as you get ready in the morning. So, thank goodness millions of people called into American Idol on Sept. 4, 2002 to cast their vote for Kelly Clarkson to become the first-ever winner of the singing competition show. Sorry, Justin Guarini, but you really didn’t stand a chance.

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To commemorate two decades as our forever American Idol, Clarkson shared a reflective message to IG on Sunday, Sept. 4. “20 years ago today I won American Idol and it forever changed the course of my life.” Not only did the win give Clarkson her first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with “A Moment Like This,” but she also wrote, “That moment was the door that opened up so much access and opportunity, and creative partnerships that I will be grateful for all of my days. The family and friendships I have created over these 20 years in music and TV are priceless to me.”

Those doors that opened for Clarkson after her Idol crowning led her to win three Grammys, two of which include Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway and Stronger. Her success as an artist and singer eventually gave Clarkson the opportunity to host her award-winning Kelly Clarkson Show, where Kellyoke — aka Kelly Clarkson karaoke — is a popular segment that often delivers amazing covers of songs from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez for everyone to enjoy. The world truly would be a place with less bops if Ryan Seacrest hadn’t said, “The winner of American Idol 2002 is... Kelly Clarkson.”

“We only get so many trips around the sun and while I am proud and feel abundantly blessed of the successes and failures that I have learned from, I am most proud and grateful for those friends that have become family, and for their arms that have held me when I needed it and their hearts that listened to me when I felt lost,” Clarkson added. “Without them I would not be where I am. I would probably not be here at all.” Along with thanking her friends, she also made sure to thank “every single person that voted 20 years ago,” while also hoping they have people in their lives that fill them “with laughter, and hope, and happiness.”

The overall sentiment was thankful, which is coincidentally the name of Clarkson’s debut studio album that includes “A Moment Like This,” along with hits like “Miss Independent.” So, it seems like the best way to celebrate 20 years of Kelly Clarkson being crowned America’s first idol is to listen to your fave songs and sing along, just like Kelly would.