I'm An Emotional Wreck Over Kelly Clarkson's Cover Of Selena's "Lose You To Love Me"

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson has been slaying mid-day TV since her talkshow, The Kelly Clarkson Show, debuted in September 2019. The show features raw interviews with A-list celebs, showcases inspiring people from around the world, and, of course, has no shortage of fun games that the American Idol alum participates in. One of Clarkson's most popular daily segments, Kellyoke, is a must-watch, as she covers some of the most popular songs from both today and way back when. She's sung everything from Aretha Franklin to Nick Jonas, but it's Kelly Clarkson's cover of Selena Gomez's "Lose You To Love Me" that will give you full body chills.

Gomez was the special guest on the Monday, March 9, episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show where she spoke openly about her new album, Rare, and how it's her "most honest" music yet. Clarkson and Gomez shared a heart-to-heart conversation in which Gomez shared that she believes "people may not think" she's "the greatest singer" but noted that she works her "ass off." After that, Clarkson stepped in like a proud big sis and praised Gomez, saying:

The best singers in the world move you, and that comes from all different sounds and styles. From a singer, to a singer, it's beautiful what you do, and I love your record ... I love singing your music. It means something and it moves people. So, don't ever negate your gift, because it's powerful.

Their sweet chat clearly left Clarkson feeling empowered to belt out her version of Gomez's latest hit, "Lose You To Love Me," and it was breathtaking. Watch for yourself below.

The only thing that would have made the performance better would have been if fans were able to see Gomez's reaction to Clarkson's powerful rendition of her tune. I'll definitely be checking out Clarkson's Kellyoke segments more often after this.